Never forget ...

Never forget ...
David Eyes
How much of all was that the memory of how tight bag,
Filled with tears, laughter, and wine.
And suddenly you're staying in the echoing silence,
I close the door, and then what?
Again I passed by our schools. I finished it, but how much it was due - good and bad ... And the first cigarette, and thousandth call to school parents ... But it ended suddenly stunned me last call. I remembered and the happy faces of my classmates, remembered past kissing girls, favoring smoke nervously smoked cigarettes and sad tears. I have it all still remembered, but who meet any of them ...
And it is today sounded one last call for current graduates. They came out of the doors of the school, the girls - tearful, guys - they are comforting and sad laugh. I smiled sadly, looking at the lush bows on girls heads on black suits boys. He went to one company, Man patted on the shoulder.
- Hey, you who was the head?
- Frau Stolze - looked at me with tearful eyes a little fragile girl. Guy firmly held her by the shoulders, and it was evident that he does not want to part with it, because he loves her madly. "He loves ..." - I thought bitterly. - "And I still remember the love ..." Smiled guy.
- And I Frau Tsellin.
- True? - Dumbfounded boy opened his eyes. - She is said to be very tough.
- Nuuu ... Do not slander my beloved leader! - I laughed. - In fact, it is really cool!
- David Bonk? - I asked the husky voice behind him. I turned and saw a short plump woman, staring at me with a little red-rimmed eyes. I went to her and hugged.
- Frau Tsellin! Do you still teach?
- Only four years have passed, and you give me already hinting about retirement! Not ashamed?! - Laughed the woman.
When bad or sad,
And suddenly I felt terribly empty,
Your friends will rescue you, you know.
And all will be simple and bright,
You'll pick up a drunken wind
Everything will be as you dream ...
- Frau ... I'll probably go home ... I'm far away ...
- How far you live, then? - I smiled the former classroom, seeing me in the hallway. I ruffled hair and a wry smile, just stuck out his tongue:
- No, actually ...
- How was a little liar, and it still is! - Sighed Frau Tsellin, smiling happily.
- Yes, I still come to you - I smiled, hugging teacher, knowing that lie. At that time. "How was a liar, and stayed ..."
- Bye!
Dark street lamps illuminating light sets. I walked past shop windows, looking into the faces of the graduates gone on a spree. I remember how we spent the last day of his former class. We left the quay and drank wine, bathed them and kissing with everyone. They sang songs and recited poems. They thanked the entire city his favorite chairwoman, shouting as if we cut. They returned only in the morning - drunk, wet and happy-sad ...
I would have had to join the group of graduates, beckoning me to him, when he saw a familiar tall silhouette. Shaggy hair, the eternal guitar behind such innocent eyes and the curve of a smile.
- Linke? - I quietly asked, disbelief. Consider on the neck tattoo, I jumped for joy.
- CHRIS! LINK !!!! - I quickly ran to the guy.
- BONK ??? DAVIIIIID !!!!!!!!! - Turned to me Linke. He caught me on the fly, and buried his face in her hair, inhaling their smell. I drove extravagantly hands on his shoulders, not believing that I met him again.
- Linke !!! I wanted to see you! - I whispered, smiling from ear to ear. Linke grinned and whispered in my ear:
- Still love me?
- Yes ... - without hesitation, I replied. Linke sighed happily.
- That's good. I love you too!
- Where to now? We get drunk as before?
- The idea is great! Better yet, go, get drunk together with them! - Linke and he gestured toward the graduates, looking at them, and still beckoning to him. I grabbed the hand Linke and not watching the cars, ran to the graduates.
You remember, you certainly remember,
His first love and the first glass.
It was cool, and then you broke up,
And notebook of poems torn in half.
- Linke! Linke, do you remember when ... - I asked excitedly, waving a bottle of wine. We have long sat in Linke's apartment. Outside, bloomed drunken dawn, deliquescent fiery colors.
- I'm all, all, all remember well! - I smiled back Linke, hugging one arm around her waist. I put a hand to his mouth.
- No! Remember, when you're in love with me! - I smiled and kissed the bottle. Linke sat on the wall, reaching for the wine.
- Nuuu ... Ah! Remembered! Then, on one of our school drunk? When we first kissed?
I nodded.
- I do not know why, but I fell in love with you drunk! You were so cute ...
- Awww .... And I am right now ... taaakooy pyaaaaanyyyy. - I snickered, clinging to Linke. Our eyes met, and in a minute and lips met. Linke barely audibly groaned and hugged me with one hand. I looked up drunkenly looking at his eyes.
- And so cute ... - he whispered Linke, almost smiling.
- As it was cool back then! - Sad, I smiled, clutching the neck of the bottle by hand.
- Yes ... Do you remember, I was collecting songs?
- Of course I remember! Do you ever toyed with this notebook, with his guitar, cigarettes ...
- Yeah ... I was then worried about three things ... My School collection of songs that we sang, my guitar, and how to get out of school for a smoke ... - chuckled Linke.
- And that, by the way, happened to your notebook? - I started, - half of the songs I had forgotten ...
- She snapped. And so ... rovnenko - Linke showed how exactly broke songwriter - ... half.
- Yes ... Strange ...
Our summer in doorways, mom-dad on the road,
Apartments in the hands of savages.
We smoked in bed and laughed like children -
I do not remember anything more fun!
I shifted her head on his shoulder Linke. My hand ran nervously through his hair, eyes traveled from hours to litter, bottles of wine, a pack of cigarettes ...
- What are you worried about? - Suddenly he asked Linke's voice in his ear. I shuddered, and suddenly realized that school time is long gone.
- Yes, again, I seem to come back to four years ago. All the while worried that your parents can come and see us - drunk, naked and stoned ...
- Yeah ... Memories - a great thing. As we're used to ... besilis
- Yeah ... It should at least remember how we made love in the bathroom ... - I rolled his eyes as he ran his fingers through his thigh Linke.
- Or if, on the bus ... Do you remember?
- Of course I remember! Would you repeat that?
- Nah ... I'm too old even for such cases! - Prosmeyalsya raspy voice Linke. I laughed along with him, trying to portray the same raspy voice:
- And because I do, that it then pours sand? I'm older than you ...
- Total for a year! - Reproachfully said in a normal voice Linke. I reached out to the table, feeling for a cigarette. He sat down on the bed, he reached for his shirt.
- Where are you going? - Linke said, grabbing my arm.
- Smoke! You've taught me to this fucking cigarette! - I showed a pack of Winston light.
- And let's just like that! As then! - He pulled me back and hung over me, fumbling on the floor ashtray. I took two cigarettes. Flicked the lighter. After a couple of seconds, the smell of tobacco has spread around the room.
Linke was tightened and pressed to my lips. Inhaled tobacco smoke in my mouth, sharing it with a kiss. I breathed the smoke in response.
Linke looked up and his head in his hand, looked at me. I looked into his eyes and suddenly began to laugh. It is easy and carefree.
- Daviiid ... - moaned Linke, starting to laugh, too. Fell head on the pillow, shaking with laughter .... long, coughed, but still laugh came through coughing. I patted him on the chest, inhaling and also shaking with silent laughter.
- I love you, David ... - whispered Linke.
- I, too, Linke ... And I'll never forget that Mezhuyev us was ...
Eyes Linke
You know, I never could not forget you. Your black hair spread on the pillow. Your regular breathing during sleep - I listened to it all the time when sleeping on your shoulder. Your pale pink lips, from which burst the quiet hiss of breath. David, I could not forget it. Never.
I could never forget our first kiss - ridiculous, stupid. Incidentally, in our school corporate parties, when all were drunk and no longer understands anything, I for no reason, no reason at all pressed against your lips. Just to find out what it is - to kiss a guy. And, oddly enough, you answered my kiss ... I remember the salty sweat on your lips cherry flavor. I felt it, I ate it. Yes, it's silly. But it was our very first kiss. I can not forget it. Never.
I'll never forget our first sex - passionate, burning, gentle. But it was all in the bus, in the bathroom. We thought, if will know about our friends, they will cease to communicate with us. And they are ... Only a little sarcastically chuckled and gave advice to express their feelings less zealously.
Remember, I then covered the palm of your own? You looked at me and izvernuvshis hand clasped our fingers into the lock. Your gray eyes pierced my heart through and through. It was abruptly arrows of Cupid! You almost blushed, and mouth area rose in a smile. I was so struck by it that I timidly touched his lips to the corner of a smile. Then he stepped back, and you mixed up a hand through my hair and kissed her. First, very gently, learning, trying, then passionately, with all the forces pressing my head to him. A moment - and I sat on your lap, hugging your neck. And you kissed me, like a wound, just stopping to take a breath. Pat me on the back, feet, climbs a T-shirt and innocent movement ran his fingertips over the back, causing my chest from the quiet sighs.
- Linke, I'm now just otymeyu in front of everyone! - You whispered in my ear when my hand slipped on your flat belly. I shook his head and whispered to you:
- A minute later, follow me to the bathroom.
Then he got up and staggered a bit of euphoria kisses overwhelmed me, went to the end of the bus.
"Damn, if we zasekut ..!" - I thought in panic, covering the door. A minute later there was a knock. I opened the door and dragged you with a kiss. You barely audible groan and he pressed me against the wall, struggling clasping my hands. He kissed her neck, pulling teeth through the skin tattoos. He began to tear off my shirt.
- Davi ... - I whispered abruptly, unable to bear all these crazy movements. You looked at me with misty eyes. And then I bit my lip, furiously pushing the tongue. I started to unbutton your jeans. You undid my. Wow, did you do it faster ... You stroked my cock - I groaned aloud in your mouth, vtseplyayas in your shoulders, like a madman.
- Shit, Linke! - I hissed at you, laughing. - Stony quiet!
I laughed, but softly, and you just clenched teeth earlobe.
You pulled my jeans with boxers to his knees and hesitated.
- Uh-uh ... Linke ...
- In his pocket, - I whispered, staring at the low ceiling.
- Where? - Your amazement knew no bounds. I looked irritated at you and hissed:
- Yes, I agree, I agree, damn it! I agree! Now finish already started!
You smiled and pulled out a tube of lubricant from the pocket of my jeans. I could say something more biting, but you, as if realizing this, stuffed my mouth with a kiss. The bus jolted - I knocked his head against the wall, and you - the teeth of my teeth. But because of all this, I felt like I did you start to stretch, already with two fingers. A few seconds later it was added to the third, and they touched the prostate. I arched up to meet you, nasazhivayas fingers stronger. Before the eyes of the beginning of the ruffle. Pulling fingers, you entered into me ... I do not know what words to convey his feelings ... I bit my lip.
The bus jolted again. I do not know, we went for some bumps! From this shock you entered me for the whole length. From my throat, wheezing moan escaped low. You hissed and kissed me again, working with his tongue, as a gag.
Push. I put his hands on the wall and leaned his head back. Your fingers dug into my thighs, leaving bruises. You moved me as stosilny piston hoarse breathing in my neck. I moaned incessantly, and you have not plugged my mouth, but only increased the speed, strong winds from these cries.
The world suddenly exploded. And right into a thousand pieces. Conchal you, stop me ... The ceiling and floor are reversed, and the time has stopped ... The only thing I remember - it's you, all wet and hot, frantically pulls me to him; and I shudder to your recent sharp movements in me ...
You helped me to wipe the semen from the abdomen and dress.
But the most fun was then! Remember, we only opened the door as our eyes appeared Timo, innocently looking out the window. You instantly flushed - you even too much blush! Timo turned to us head and chuckled:
- ABOUT! Well, finally, the Dove!
- You heard something? - I asked in a trembling voice. Timo neigh:
- No, I have not heard anything! I heard that!
Now I'm blushing already! Imagine how silly we look to you - two reddish colored finish his cornstalk ... Timo we carry in one sentence:
- Yes, and not only I have heard ...
You and I looked at each other, and you gave the only word he knew in Russian:
- Damn!
Though it was impossible to us ashamed, neither you, nor I, have never be able to forget this ...
Because I love you so much ...
I never would have seen you in the crowd, if you did not know how to light up your eyes.
I would never have heard thee in a crowd, if not know how you laugh.
I never would have loved you if you had not given me a right ...
for a long time out of the room came the carefree laughter and the sound of kisses, and eternal silent question:
- Do you remember?..
And no less quiet reply:
- I'm everything, everything, everything I do! ..
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Cheating my wife. History of the second. guitar player

Once I found my wife on a flash card with a photo of her betrayal, my life is completely turned upside down. Firstly, I'm just dying of jealousy. Every minute, every second. Secondly, I am just burning with desire. M did not want to fuck her in various poses, and harder. Unfortunately, she just had to leave to protect the delivery of diploma and gosov, nearly three weeks. And I knew that there she would be fucking someone else. We had to somehow come up with it on contact, to understand all. But first it was necessary to understand itself. The fact that I could not hide from himself that cheating Ksenia improved our sex life and relationships in general. And although I was stung her betrayal, because he was faithful to the past 6 years, but still felt the need for her to do it again. That is why it was necessary to make everything somehow, so you do not regret.
So I decided that I would do everything when she left. I understand yourself, and then will deal with it by ICQ or by telephone.
And surprisingly I had the chance again. Leaving, Ksenia took a new laptop, after dropping him everything you need from the old. Again, for some convenient for me and this situation distraction she forgot the pictures in a hidden folder. I stumbled upon it and realized that it was something interesting. We always keep hidden folders in the "view" mode by disabling it only when guests come and you need something to show. And now Dad lay pristine neotsmotrennaya, but taivshaya temptation. And I looked.
Photos were stunned. They Ksjushu Fota same photographer, occasionally appears naked in the frame. The main characters were the same Xenia and another girl, is another with which they were in the garage and were in various positions with ropes tied by the hands and feet. Some Ksenia was blindfolded on the other - the girl and tied her to undress. And I decided.
Called Ksyusha, said he decided to see the pictures, and then "such krasotischa, just super, stunned, why I did not show." She was a little embarrassed and said that I was not very much and wanted to know what, in fact, was right. I do not know if I understand. And here's what I gave, that I love her and understand everything up to the infidelity. Because she can have fun wherever and whenever he wants. And Ksenia, apparently having decided finally said that just today she goes to a concert and wanted to sleep with him after the guitarist of one group, she told me about him. She really talked about it, about how his next love. And then ... I sincerely wished her good luck and left the surprised with their desires.
Soon I started off and I went to Ksenia in the city where we lived before. Attacked her first and fucked. And then he started talking about how there with her guitarist. And gradually I inquired. It turns out, she began to see him back in the fall, when it was in session. He was a wonderful lover, when you want - a very sensitive and gentle, and sometimes - tough and assertive. When they were engaged in sex with him the first time, he just licked it all from head to toe, not missing not a single slits, no town, bringing it to a complete ecstasy is already one of it. And then she saw his penis. He was not the longest, but so thick that caused shyness and admiration. She immediately attacked him, showing him what a real blowjob. Lick balls, I sucked it from all sides, then took in her mouth, and helping himself hand, processed in full, and even with a full swallow, she is now able to.
However, from his cock she gasped, but the feeling of such a huge and beautiful body in the mouth was just unforgettable. And then he drove her to the member why she immediately huddled in his embrace of passion and enjoyment. He fucked her in all positions as he could, but to a member without any problems entered into her vagina, he had to use a lubricant, because her own was not enough, so tightly she covers it. And this lubricant also suitable for other things. Xenia does not like anal sex, it hurts. But the mood she even gets to enjoy it. And when the guitarist began to lubricate his penis besides also her chocolate hole, she wanted to protest, but changed her mind. Such a member of the pope had to try. Moreover, she was so grateful to him for sex dizzy, she was ready to let anything. And he entered into it.
At first it was painful, but at least the pain was replaced by movements such sharp pleasure she had just blown away. She screamed, struggled and tried to scratch as she is only at the peak of pleasure. Guitarist finished it in the ass and left. They were tired and happy.
And then she began to meet with him. Like any woman, she fell in love with it in the music that he played in fun walking around the city, ended in the mind bending sex with her lover, who felt it, and guessed all her wishes.
This Xenia told me in the bathroom, and then we have sex awesome, and then she gave me a blowjob, which I finished the volcano.
And yet, from the content of the photos I knew the guitarist was not her only lover. And I terribly wanted to know who was the photographer and what they were doing, except photography.
Damn, if only I could have imagined ...

Bass. Part 2: The Witch

I feared that I would have to crawl on walls in a long dress and high heels sandals. Fortunately, as soon as we jumped out of the dungeon, Rumata turned to the sentry bastion. I hurried after him, all in prostration. For some reason I felt like a little scared to leave the castle by the maidens, warm pool, delicious food and elegant clothes. However, every now and then Rumata looked when we went up the spiral staircase. I could feel his eyes, sliding down my almost bare breasts, going down to my legs - walking up the steep steps and then bares my foot in the section up to the thigh. Yes, and I myself still feel the taste of his semen on her lips. New life in the arms of Rumata should be sweet!
Finally we got to the top of the stairs. Apparently there was a wall, enclosing the palace for a simple oak door. Knavtsy somehow, before you take my charms again boasted that its castle wall is wider than that of any of its neighbors ... Oh, gods, what I just think ...
Rumata carefully opened the oak door and looked out the crack. Then he turned to me:
- Take off your clothes!
I blinked in bewilderment:
- But, my dear ... I love you too, of course, I want to, but we have to escape! We already lost a lot of time when I was pleasuring your dick again risen!
- No, the queen of my heart. I would really like to squeeze you in my arms again, but ... On the wall - guard. You need to take it for a few minutes, until I make your way along the ledge behind him.
- Do you think this is a good idea? - I muttered, taking his straps. - And I'm wearing it can not distract?
- My favorite! I have already condemned, and now you escaped me - too. So we need to put all that is ...
- Well, yes ... - I said thoughtfully, weighing his balls in his hands - perhaps only that I can lay out.
The dress slipped to the foot, and I resolutely strode toward the door.
Rumata grabbed me and squeezed in his arms, whispering in my hair something about love, about my dazzling beauty. His hand squeezed my buttocks, and the other lay on his chest. I groaned when the men's fingers touched the sensitive swollen nipple.
But I pulled away, chuckling:
- Rumata now get up something that you have and there, on the wall for something hooked.
Rumata with obvious difficulty pulled away from me and he went away to a narrow loophole, squeezed into the opening. He once gave me a greedy eye and pointed to the door of the eyes. I took a deep breath and mentally prayed Miritari, opened the door. The guard was standing five meters away from me. His eyes immediately stuck to my charms. I almost physically felt this, sliding on my silky skin, eyes. The sun shines brightly, and it was clear that not a single detail of my body did not escape from the guards. Oh, gods, what I need to do? I was in a stupor, not knowing what to do with the male gaze, who studied me from the tips of the hard nipples to the pubis, where the merciless sun could not but highlight the delicate rasschelinku.
Suddenly there was a rustling behind the wall, and the guard turned his head for a moment, his eyes searching for the source of noise. At this point it was necessary to act. I almost ran ran to the guard, slack-jawed is finally back in place. At the same time I tried to smile charmingly, while my hands are not wound around the neck guard, chest and not splyusnulis a steel breastplate. Fortunately, he was polished to a mirror finish, and my nipples just a little burned. I'm not paying attention to it, glaring into his mouth male lips. I could feel the guard began timidly at first, then more confidently go through my body with his hands. Hands lay on the ass, pulling me to the hot sun on metal and clad in knee knee intruded between my thighs. I involuntarily groaned when my sensitive lips walked through the rings of chain armor stocking guards. This caused a predictable reaction - the guard threw me on my back, fiddling with his belt. Well, where Rumata ??? Now fuck me right here on the wall ... And what else to expect if she was naked splendor, but still fell upon the neck?
The guard stepped back for a moment, tearing a groin steel shell, and I was horrified to find her under the powerful risen member. Then he swooped down on me again, I barely had time to open your legs wider. The head bumped a few times in my damp sponge and finally found my helpfully provided by the hole. Snarling, the guard threw me so that knocked the air out of my lungs. I myself could not even move at all this weight, leaning on me. But man, breathing heavily, was doing his job, impaling me strong sweeping strokes. My ass crawl over rocks, glowing member walked in ... I do not know how it lasted, but soon the man screamed hoarsely, sitting up a little above me, and the hot jet struck the inside of me. I groaned in response, too, whether from pouring into the lungs of air, whether from gushing into sperm vagina. And then the vaginal muscles began to decline in the tightly crammed into my penis. My head leaned back, her hair from crashed completely swept hairstyles wall, and I struggled in orgasm, moaning and screaming.
I still shudder at the last tremors of orgasm, when a guard over me in a strange grunt and fell on me. Sex with armor-clad men - is a children's toy compared to its total weight! I have to breathe could not, in the eyes of the red mist floated. I just felt like I gradually slips from myagchyayuschy dick with cum poured. Consciousness is beginning to slip away, but the hands themselves rested in a steel breastplate. In a last-ditch effort, I pushed the body. To my surprise, the guard suddenly flew up and almost knocked us has appeared near Rumata fell next to him in an unnatural position. That's the devil, I could so as not to be taken guard? Right? ..
Rumata stared at me. I quickly pushed my knees, muttering:
- And you're not in a hurry ...
- Madam, I'm in a hurry! But cornice - only 5 cm wide, I was afraid to break away, afraid to bring you.
- But you're not in a hurry and take it with me! Did you want me to gasp under the weight?
Looking rabid Rumata's eyes, I realized - it was so.
I stood up, biting his lips and downcast eyes. Rumata jumped up and helped to stand.
- Oh, blinding my love, forgive me. You atone for this sin in the church Provitrty, and we will be with you again!
- Nevermind.
I let myself enter into Rumata's arms, feeling at the same time as another man's sperm flows down between her thighs. By the way, if he wakes up at the wrong time? I glanced over my shoulder hugs me man, trying to determine the degree of insensitivity of the guard. At the same time, I felt like my ass went to the man's hand again.
- Uh-uh ... Wait a minute, Rumata ... We have to move on ... You do not want ... well, me again ... well ... uh-uh ...?
- I want fairest among women! But you're right, not here and not now.
I sighed with relief, trying to breath was not too noticeable.
- I have to wear a dress.
I was hoping that I can get at least a little freshen up, especially between the legs ... But to do so I did not succeed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw metnuvshy in a cloudless sky shadow and suddenly yelped Rumata. I saw with horror as blood imbrue his shoulder.
- Gargoyle! - He yelled, and grabbed me by the arm, dragged him to the opposite bastion. - It is necessary to have time to escape, otherwise we're finished!
Gargoyle came on the second run and I could see her properly. It was clearly a male! The impressive male torso, covered with gray fur; hands, as if swollen played under the scalp muscles; angry face, that face, a human face; and, finally, the huge cock dangling between crooked hind legs with sharp claws, daggers.
We obviously did not have time ...
Gods! I imagined for a moment that this bird wants to fuck me when caught. A terrible anger took me - fuck me ... all and sundry - not even a member of the gargoyle was already in a state of polunapryazhennom like monster represented as votknet me this thing.
I screamed with rage and pulled his hand out of his hands Rumata. Turning around, I threw his hands forward, eager to incinerate dive gargoyle, a member of that as you get closer to me, vzdyblivalsya. I do not know what I sought, most likely it was an ordinary hysteria. Well, what I still do? Just get up on all fours, but her fingers to reveal himself to the gargoyle was easier to plant me with poluleta. Probably the way it should be done to Rumata could freely reach the far end of the wall. These thoughts flashed through my mind, leaving no trace, when with the tips of my fingers streamed sparks. Most of them did not cause podletevshemu monster any harm, but a few particularly large and bright even in sunlight caused gargoyle severe burns. And most importantly, one of the largest clusters of flame hit exactly on the incredibly bloated head. Gargoyle stone shrieked and fell down. His head flew just a couple of centimeters from the tips of my breasts and with a crunch slammed into the edge of the wall. Gargoyle groaned, his body slowly passes over the edge, and I heard only the rustle of receding.
- Thus here, sweetheart! - I muttered and turned to Rumata.
Rumata was bad - from the wound on his shoulder was bleeding profusely.
I, as it could, dragged him to his feet hardly move bastion. We somehow came down. The bastion appeared the break, opening the passage to the dense thickets of shrubs. We staggered, passed on a narrow path and came to the sea shore. The beach was rocky, but then he discovered crack that led to the water. The tiny cove under the overhanging cliffs rocked on the waves of the boat with a sail and oars.
- Bass! - Hoarsely called Rumata. - Hey, sweetheart. Here, behind the rocks standing on the ship raid. Captain you will be able to take away ... Wait, do not mind ... I do not stand the sea passage, I will come back to the city. I know the innkeeper, who will help me ... I then work off the debt for treatment and concealment.
- Rumata! You pay him! He will treat you like a king! - I frantically tore from the remnants of hairstyles diamonds together with hair. On one such stone stonzskaya village could exist a year. - Here, take it.
- Good! Now swim.
I dug a kiss on the lips Rumata, trying not to think about hands have studied my body, resisting the urge to ride and plenty of man on it to jump, despite the tears choking me.
Then I ran to the boat and began to set sail, I do not understand how I know what tack and especially how to use it. The boat moved off slowly away from the shore. I looked back at Rumata risen to his feet. His lips moved. He was sure that I will not answer, but my new capacity brought his words:
- I hope that the captain will not give up witch. Yes, even such a fine. And besides, this naked.
Vorohnulis bad feeling in my soul, but then the boat out of the bay, the wind filled the sail in full force and carried a short distance to the vidnevshemusya ship. I was raised on board. I was under a lot of looks, completely naked, dressed only in sandals with high heels, is not up to me headed man. His gait was ravenous, like pointy grin on his tanned face.
He shouted at the men, and they quickly disappeared from sight zone.
-Let me introduce myself: chief mate Garcia. What makes such a charming girl on our board?
Garcia took off his coat and threw it over my shoulders. I hastened to wrap myself up in a gold embroidered cloth, to finally hide their nakedness.
- My name is Bess. I need to get to Skvazdota. I'll pay fair!
- Y-yes? - Garcia raised an eyebrow in mock amazement. - And where beautiful Bess could hide so much money?
- That's - I unclenched fist with the latter two diamonds, combed out of the hair on the boat.
- This changes everything!
XO led me to the stern, towering above the deck, like a fortress, has opened before me a carved, decorated with curlicues door.
Once inside, I froze. In the middle of a luxurious cabin stood a chair, which broke the big man with square shoulders, square jaw, square hands, lying on the gilded armrests. And at his feet froze naked woman on his knees. The black-haired girl's head bobbed rhythmically, leaving no doubt what she did. My attention was immediately attracted by the tattoo on the sacrum slender figures. There's fun smiley face Vutsi ...
- Oh, Cap! We will come back later ...
-What for? - Captain shrugged his massive shoulders, looked staring at me.
Then he shouted at her, curled up, barely heard the voice of Garcia:
- Go on! You who will stop? ... So, and who do we have here?
- Her name is Bess. She paid two purest diamonds for that she was taken to Skvazdot.
The big man laughed:
- You see, Garcia, and you say I'm going to miss this voyage! First one in the port secretly sneaks aboard, and then comes the second and! And all need to Skvazdot! Well, well, so be it deliver, the more we go there and go. Ha-ha-ha! - Captain laughed hoarsely. - All right, Garcia, take his coat and get out, and I'll see what I can do for such an attractive person. Ha-ha-ha ...
- But, Cap, this - Garcia emphasized the last word, - paid!
- Never mind. She paid for the delivery. Who said that it will not have some additional duties in swimming? Ha-ha-ha ...
Captain snapped laughing:
- Are you still here? Get out!
Garcia looked at me apologetically, carefully removed from the shoulders of his coat and walked out the door. I shivered again finding themselves naked in front of a man.
- ABOUT! I wonder how!
The captain stared at my crotch, then leaned over and looked at the girl's rump. Slapping her appetizing ass elastic, he grabbed her by the hair and turned his face to me.
- You will not have a sister? Hmm .. A fair, the other dark hair ... Hey, Bess, you is not a wig?
The girl, whose pretty face contorted in a grimace of pain, did have similar facial features - the same oval face, plump lips, glistening wet right now, almond-shaped eyes, long eyelashes ...
- Okay it does not matter. - The captain threw the girl on the floor, where she froze like a broken doll, and stood up. Involuntarily I glanced at the member as if the same square, as well as everything else in the captain. Member elastically trembling when the cap came up to me. But I'm not particularly afraid, confident in their new abilities.
- My name is Luzio, - said the captain. - The vessel I - King, God and Lord, so you'd better be gentle with me ... Take the example of Mali - he nodded toward the prostrate prostrate naked girl.
The captain approached, so that his hard cock almost leaned into my stomach. He squeezed my chest, grabbed his fingers hard nipple, twisted it so that from my chest nearly escaped a groan, or pain, whether from a painful pleasure.
- Now suck - ordered Luzio.
- Yeah? And nothing else? - I asked and jeer, and reached out to the side of the table, littered with cards, and the remnants of a meal with some devices. Among other things on the table lay a dagger, which was initially planned in my hand, and then touched the Adam's apple captain. - Now let's talk in a different way! Hands Ube ...
I did not understand what happened - in the head something hit, and collapsed into the dark consciousness. When I came to, I was scared at first, even to open my eyes - so crush the head. The surface under me was soft and heaving. And then I heard a woman moaning and man snores. Opened his eyes, I saw right in front of a body woven into ecstasy. Luzio fucked reclining on the side of Mali, raised high slender legs. Her moist pink petals hugging who walked in their captivity ... member wreathed veins. Cap groan squeezed the girl's breasts, squeezing them alternately, and sometimes grabbed her chin and forced to turn to him, to glare at her lips. "Well, I'll show you! The second time is your trick will not you! "- I thought, but still quietly lay motionless. I saw that Mali is on the verge of orgasm, and I wanted the unhappy girl had finished. Although some short-term happiness!
Cap turned onto his back, pulling Mali, and now she sits on his cock, ass and otklyachivaya nasazhivayas to member entered into it to the very root and cap with interest smot as girl pussy slides on its trunk. Then Luzio nudged the girl in the back. She put her hands on his knees, still moaning and crawl her ass, and he apparently brought her finger in the ass. Mali thinly groaned and fell forward to her knees men shaken by orgasm. And when the captain weighty slapped round ass and said, "Hey, are you asleep? The case is not over yet ", I decided - it's time.
I jerked to jump, but there it was! It turned out that my hands tightly tied behind his back, and wearing a neck loop, firmly tied to the holding bracket behind. The rope tightened, digging into his throat, and I coughed a strangled instead of burying the cap the flow of sparks.
- Oh, our witch woke up! - I chuckled cap. He shoved still reeling in the last echoes of passion body Mali and crawled on his knees to me. - Very well, I do not like to fuck women half-dead!
Taking me by the chin, he grinned:
- Are you in fact a witch? Tie his hands behind his back - and the end of all your tricks! Obviously, you must be a connection between the tits and hands. Oh ha ha ha !!
-Awful, just incredibly clever! - I muttered, feeling Luzio his habit twisted my nipple. Then his hand crept between my thighs.
- Well?! - Demanding said cap. - You do not want to get off the ship before we get to Skvazdota? And I'm evil zyrknuv at him, slightly relax the muscles, squeezing the legs. Immediately my jaws were clenched hard fingers.
- Hmm, a girl wet! It's good! Well, she'll suck or help you?
I shook my head. Cap angry. Grabbing me by the hair, he bent to its members so that the loop on his throat tightened and I could hardly breathe. A Luzio took me on the face of its members, still wet from the juices of Mali and its own grease.
- Well! Come on!
Member stubbornly poking at my lips, but I just did not open them stubbornly.
- Oh, you bitch! Well these loans later.
Captain untied me from the shackles and dragged him to the head of the bed.
There he sat me down on the carved back so that all the curls immediately dug into my ass. Then he grabbed a rope and tied one by one ankle. I do not even understand what he wants, when my feet were upturned and attached to the rear brackets. I was in a very awkward position - my knees almost did not reach me from ear to ear, his hands tied behind his back, she rested against the back bulkhead and ass perched on Tocoi carved headboard. On top of that Luzio fastened to a bracket and a noose around the neck. In general, I could not move, feeling numb upturned feet above their heads as a gentle dig into his throat and ankle rough rope. Besides my two holes located on the most that neither is a comfortable height for males. In total, bezvariantnom his disposal.
-That's better! - Muttered cap, and I maliciously noted that a member of his opal. Maybe settle down and would not rape me?
But it was not there!
- Mali! - I barked cap.
She struggled to her and, giving me a sympathetic look, immediately fell down at the drooping member. Well, that's the girl sorted out immediately, it is necessary to Luzio was not even ordering. Mali, helping himself hand, worked hard and soon in her sensuous lips, the cap member found previous hardness. Then he dismissed Mali and approached me. Member poked into my pussy is already half-open, defenseless, and humbly waiting, when to invade it. And the invasion was not long in coming. To start Luzio slapped a member of my lips. Spanking was hefty, sounded moist and delicious. I bit my lip not to moan - soft blows fell on the most sensitive, swollen places. And then cap entered into me, raspiraya thick member of the vagina. Put his hand on my lower leg, causing the rear surface of my thighs literally crackled, he leaned on me, clutching the wooden bulkhead, and began to snore, slowly moving in me.
- We will not be in a hurry, is not it, dear? - Luzio said, watching my face. - You are so sweet that I want to extend the possession of your body.
In response, I closed my eyes and threw her head back, neck having rested in the bulkhead. But the captain did not like it. He grabbed me by the hair, pulled her to him and stared at his lips mouth. Now his tongue in my hosted her mouth as well as a member of the - of the vagina.
The blows dealt by a man became more powerful member penetrated deeper. And soon, I jumped on the head, when the member was driven into me the most eggs. Cap Ukhalov pretty and pulled back to back with a flourish plant. I decided that during these attacks can moan - a man must decide what it is - the pain and inconvenience of the situation, and not from the pleasure of penetration in the me. I could not show him that in this position - heels higher than his head, raped, I enjoy!
But the cap, as if mocking, continued my torment. First he began to move faster; and secondly, it is up to the limit of my situation exacerbated by the fact that sometimes started out and my mouth pripadat swollen petals. Then he was again without a pause (of me strongly flowed) smooth movement up and abruptly entered to fuck with a flourish. I pulled in strunochku as possible, even to eggs not plopped on the ass, but it was useless - through Luzio growl could be heard and wet, harsh sounds are driven member and savory spanking eggs. And I was almost grateful kepu when he, panting, came out of my vagina suffering. I felt that a term with me, became quite stony, the cap has already had to come. And I still restrained so as not to break in orgasm.
However, Luzio did not irrigate my petals of its liquid. After jumping out of bed, he picked up a knife, and then cut the ropes that hold me. I flopped like a rag doll on the bed sheets. Because breast escaped a groan - his arms and legs so zaderveneli that I could not move. Mash his stiff limbs really did not let me. Mali, following the instructions of the captain, lifted me up and sat back on his heels, she ensconced behind. Erect penis, all wet from my juices, I rocked in my face.
But I just shook my head, looking up into the eyes of Luzio.
- You are stubborn! - Cap shook his head. - It's a matter of respect. It is a pity that you and I parted in three days - you pay, and I have to take you. This is the Marine Code. And I would love to do your in training to our mutual satisfaction! But it does not matter! Mali! Come raised her balls, I want to fuck our proud upryamitsu between boobs!
I felt pressed to the back of the girls breasts, and my turn in her delicate hands. Once the balloons lifted my chin, Luzio immediately arranged in a hollow trunk, Mali and squeezed them so that the member was in close captivity breasts.
- Wow, what luxury boobs! - Commented the captain. - They seem to be made in order to appease my dick up! Such delicate skin, so comfortable furrow, I'm very comfortable to move there - not crowded, not too loose. Well, Mali, play her boobs!
Mali began to lift the one my chest, then another, carefully leading them on a hard trunk. Crimson head that pops out of the slits at the bottom boobs, then disappeared into it, until finally, Luzio has not pulled out ... his penis out of my captivity and, growling, I began to pour me cum. Wet drops flew on my face, chest, trickling down his chin, nipples, belly. Luzio was not enough. He grabbed my cheeks and strongly pressed his thumb and forefinger. The pain was such that I involuntarily opened her mouth, than immediately took advantage of the cap. No, he did not introduce my penis, but a few drops of divine got my tongue, and I hastened to swallow. Plus, my lips were smeared with sperm, but I stoically did not lick her on the male mind.
- Mali! Suck it dry! - Ordered the captain and literally put his penis on my shoulder. Immediately the ear heard smacking - Mali started to execute the order ...
At night Luzio gave us his huge bed, thanks to him, that is not on the floor. However, he put on his neck loop, and we were screwed near the headboard. However, unlike me, Mali has not tied his hands. Sam Cap fell asleep very quickly - he put out the candles, flopped down on the bed, and in a moment his breath was measured. Mali is also quickly forgotten troubled sleep, and kept shivering and muttering something. And I did not sleep - the desire burns me, and I was sorry that it is not finished with kepom. However, I lay back on the bound hands. Arched on the bed, I touched the wet, burning petals fire. As soon as my long fingernail touched lustful flesh, I cried. Frozen fright, I for some time listened intently to the surrounding sounds. But neither the cap nor Mali did not wake up. Then I continued to gently caress all of which could reach up to. Biting her lip, trying not to groan out loud, I patted myself claws. Deflection to the crunch in the back I hold out to the corner of the petals and the clitoris, I was a part of himself, feeling the humidity of your pussy, I ran so that the hand was soon all wet. But the orgasm was not - simply do not have enough members, piercing me. Then I tried to imagine Stingray, but instead of it all the time in my imagination penetrated giant poimevshy me in the ass. I dreamed as he bore down on me, or take back, or powerfully bends to its members ... That's already a little bit, and I can be free, remained small shazhochek .... And I introduced: the giant, having me from behind, pulls out a member of my pussy and one powerful movement skewer my ass. At the same time I entered his anus wet finger and finally huddled in ecstasy muffled wheezing, biting her lips in a passionate bliss of orgasm.
I came to myself, when I shook his shoulder Mali:
- Bass! Bass! Are you all right? Wake up, Bess!
I smiled at the silhouette of the girl:
- Yes, yes, I'm all right!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, all right.
Silhouette of the girl shook her head, and Mali subsided again.
I was lying happy and relaxed, my mind free from desires, began to flow in a specific direction. I do not like Luzio methods. Tolerate his antics three days ... Now, if in its place was this huge man, about the size of an ogre could be patient ... and I smiled dreamily. And then he frowned. Ugh, you ... Well, no, because there was some thought! And then I realized, that can save us from becoming sex slaves! I pierced insight, even jumped on the sheets. However, immediately fell back, hissing in pain crashed into a rope throat.
I started to push Mali.
- Mali - hot I whispered, when she seemed to me to have been able to hear me. - Mali, you have noticed that we have the same tattoo? You're also dedicated to the goddess Meritari?
- Well yes. I grew up in a wealthy estate. The owner I had a good, he taught me to read and write. When I grew up and began to sleep with him, he was very interested in my tattoos. And I, to serve him, sat for many hours in the library. Recorded Meritari very little about, say, she is able to fly between the worlds.
- Okay, now, let's not about our goddess with you ...
- It is not ours - the girl exclaimed. - We have just devoted to her. More needs to be a rite of initiation, and if within two months we will not be reminded of the pain and suffering, we all become slaves Meritari, the happiest of mortals and immortals. It is written in the most ancient book.
-Hmm ... Do you see how interesting ... By the way, why did you learned to read and write? I'm here as long as he can remember, I was literate - able to write, read, count ...
- Well I do not know. Is it possible - just to know? I went, it was very difficult to ...
I did not like it. If we are different, and Mali can not help, and Luzio will tear us every day, until we reach Skvazdota ... And if he changes his mind to let go of us? .. It was something to think about.
- Listen, Mali. I am a witch.
- Yes, I understood it when Luzio with all his might hit you in the head. He's afraid of you.
- Yes! And I can twist it into a ram's horn, when my hands are free.
- But I can not untie the knots tied the captain!
- And I have no doubt. Otherwise, he would not put us next.
- Well, tomorrow I will try to hide a dagger - Mali reassuringly patted me on the shoulder.
- No, I want to be free today. On the morning of the men is a strong erection, and I do not want him to be raped me again.
- Admit it, Bass, he does it very well.
We giggled softly.
- Look, Mali. You, too, must be a witch. Deliver me, we will take the ship. And there'll lock cap, well, you can visit him whenever you want ...
- But I'm not a witch!
- Wait
I quickly asked a few leading questions, as did once the giant, when I hung bolted to the two poles. It turned out that Mali, too, fused bones in a couple of days, she never got sick, etc.
- That's what - I turned her hands tied to Mali, come, my friend, you can do it!
And after a few minutes of puffing, doubts and tears of Mali, I felt my wrist glow enveloped and hands were free.
Well, here ... Now let's play by my rules!
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Continued: Bass. Part 1: It is not a witch


I was late in the evening from a friend and was well screwed. Wearing a short dress, tight my curvy thighs and breasts third dimension. I'm a little low plump lady, very nice for its 43 years.
I passed two dirty homeless people sitting on a bench, when I was called:
- Hey, larva, shalt suck?
- Otsoste each other! - I Gave me and went on.
Steps in ten grabbed me by the neck and dragged into a dirty basement of an abandoned house.
I was made to kneel on the filthy floor, and when I wanted to rebel, like biting received a blow to the face. One of these motherfuckers put in my mouth a dick smelly.
- Will you suck, larva? - There was a rasping insolent laughter.
This freak held my head and sit down with all the dope my head on his dick. It smelled of urine, dirt and fuck knows what else. Then my mouth insert dick another, it was longer and thicker. 15 minutes they took turns fucked my mouth.
I felt the zipper on her dress unbuttoned.
- Take off your dress, blyadina, - said one of them - and then I give it to you and we shall cut strips in the ass shove.
I was afraid to escalate the situation, and took off her dress. On my left pants, patterned stockings and high heels. Dirty rough hands began to knead my naked tits. Five minutes later they left, one in the mouth, the other - on the face and hair. My dress lying around in some puddle. I was taken to the "table" and the two of them walked on dress shoes.
I was seated on the box, poured himself and me alcohol.
- Drink! - Said one, and without waiting grabbed my hair and pulled my head and poured a glass of my throat. I choked, swallowed half, I spat out the rest on his chest and barely restrained so as not to puke.
- It's not a "Martini". - They both neighing.
Then I was dragged by the hair into the far corner. It smelled even worse, it was their toilet. I was thrown on the heap of shit, and I could not stand it and obrygalas his arms and breasts. Meanwhile, they put me cancer, and a homeless man put his dick in my mouth, another in the pussy. They fucked me roughly and cruelly, changing places. Then the one that was behind, smeared my ass and pussy by shit and stabbed me in the ass. I screamed, and punched another in the face.
- Shut up, slut! Shlyaeshsya here in the cellars, More scrap is virgin.
I suddenly remembered a humorous piece of advice: "If you are raped by five people, relax and have fun." I felt a pain in the ass gives way to a sense of perverse pleasure. Wet pussy and I moaned with pleasure.
I heard footsteps, and from the darkness emerged two more. I looked closely. It was a woman!
- Who do you fuck here, boys?
- Yes blyadina one asked her to pull out.
They again neighing. I just mumbling and moaning. The men again exchanged. Dick, smeared my stranger by shit took my mouth. I felt the bitter taste of shit and start again with vomit in the mouth by a dick. After cleaning it, I swallowed the shit, and the homeless took place one of the women. She undressed, and I saw a dirty full body, with drooping tits and labia.
On the chest, abdomen and thighs were cigarette burns, overgrown pizden not tempted, perhaps for several years. From it smelled terrible, and this whore took me by the hair and stuck between her legs.
- Lick me, bitch. I do not have to wash dick knows how much.
I began to lick her pizden, trying not to think about the stench. And behind is another bomzhiha, undressed, tuck the bottle into my rear hole and cauterize gobies buttocks. Again I cried out in pain, but the one I licked, push my face his pizdischu.
Then they all stood with cancer and forced to lick anus all four. I soaked saliva Shrivelled shit and eat. Thirty minutes later, ass shone purity and put me on his back, began to piss on me, trying to get into his mouth and eyes. Suddenly, something warm fall on my face. This bitch shit on me! And from all sides on me and poured valilos shit. They shit on me. Between the breasts formed a huge pile, the other closed my eyes. And they are all shit and shit. I took her eyes off shit, and they made all the smudge on their own. I sat down on my knees and obrygalas himself on the chest and abdomen, and they are following my example, began to vomit on my head. So I sat there, pissed, and obosranaya obblvanaya. Bottle in pussy and ass bottoms rested on the floor and deeper into me. I poured alcohol I drank.
- A bite to eat?
- On you the Doha snacks. - Answered bomzhiha.
I took off a piece of shit and stuffed into his mouth. Then I was ordered to open his mouth, and they began to shake off the ashes into it, spit and blow your nose. I am, driving in his mouth pulled this cocktail dress, and not pulling bottles trudged home holes.
- You liked blyadina? Come again! - Said one of the homeless.
I then came back often. Now I'm a whore, litter, toilet for the homeless.
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We loved. Part 3

Part 3
As he walked toward the school, I thought about the earrings. Yesterday, while the parents treated him, and then at dinner, I still considered him as a stranger of some. In short, the mother of law, it was beautiful. And no not gray. His hair is dark ash and some live ... or something. They cut straight and deliberately sloppy, ladder, as is customary in our school. At the same time they break down into strands and if sailing around the face. His face was narrow with large features. Mouth large and very expressive. At least, it is only one movement of the lips and can show pity and compassion, and ridicule, and pleasure. And his eyes ... Oh, my God! Huge, with a beautiful cut and not gray as I thought. Rather, the molten silver color - almost black, very bright - and change all the time.
The first person I met at the school, was Natasha. She began to babble a request for forgiveness.
- Come on - I said awkwardly.
Natasha more I was not interested. What a fool she was. We sat with her at the same table, and once I was really worried if the teacher in a fit of struggle for the discipline began to turn over us at its own discretion. Natasha was a confidante of my small and silly children's mysteries. Now everything has changed.
I desperately waited for earrings, and all the time glancing at the door. But the first was Eugene. In his hands he had several major Dutch roses on thick spiny stems. Directly from the threshold he went to our table.
- Polina, - he said in a low voice. - I'm sorry.
He handed her the flowers. I looked him in the face. In it was a genuine desire to make amends, and something else - like surprise or regret. And it came to regret something deeper than mere dissatisfaction with their yesterday's action. I gave up colors. Eugene quietly put them on the table in front of me and went back to the back row, where he was sitting with Artyom. Because of him I missed the colors of his appearance Earrings. I saw only his back, a gray jumper and fitted by the edge of the cheek. I was disappointed that he was not approached to say hello.
When the lesson began, and in the class entered our languid matematinya, I completely forgot about the flowers in my face because of the experiences in this regard. The teacher called me and asked why I rose. I looked at the unfortunate bunch, and it dawned on me.
- This is for you, Valentina Stanislavovna, - I said and carried her flowers.
- Thank you - matematinya said. - How did you know?
It turned out that the day before announced the winners of the competition for the presidential grant. Valentine won it. All her congratulations, and I hypnotized earrings: "Look, please, look." And then he turned his head and looked at me. I held my breath. He seemed even more beautiful than yesterday. And what with the fact that his cheekbone was decorated with long brown bruise and caked korostochka on the lower lip. I smiled and received in response to the same fleeting smile of greeting.
Matematinya meanwhile completed congratulations reception and announced that he was going to start questioning and twos will not put, but wants to arrange a pleasant and will ask only those who is a good student.
- Galitsin, - she said. - Go to the board.
I rejoiced in my heart, because Seryozhka now a few minutes will be a class party. But he did not bother to get out from behind the desk. He reluctantly got up and cheekily asked for what reason it disturbed. Matematinya was still in good spirits and eagerly explained what he expects from the evidence given theorem. Seryozhka with silent for a moment, and then gave a long speech. He asked if this is a theorem that, where the conditions are such and such, and the output is something. Matematinya already with a barely noticeable irritation blurted out that yes, the same.
- Sorry, I'm not prepared to answer, - he barked Seryozhka without permission flopped into place.
Matematinya shrugged and called Evgena. This, too, refused to go to the board, but did it anyway. He announced that he did not teach.
- Scoundrels you - sadly said matematinya. - For once I wanted to have fun. What are you smiling so mysteriously?
This last question treated me. I stood up.
- What's so funny? - Already angry matematinya. - Here you are now adored vleplyu Korneev couple!
I shrugged. And Eugene raised his voice in the sense that if and Sergey too.
Matematinya sighed and said to him, it will not put a couple. In class zabubnil.
- Well - matematinya asked me. - Can you explain why, I will not ask your homework!
I'm surprised hatched at her, but suddenly realized:
- Sergei gave you to understand, that he knows, but for some reason does not want to answer. And Eugene simply refused ...
- Even so - it is unclear chuckled matematinya and Seryozhka promptly turned around and looked at me with some new interest.
Wow, what a spread it was! Back straight, hair vrazlt! It has become evident what his broad shoulders and excellent posture. While I was drooling, matematinya announced that we are tired of it, and began to explain the new material. And I fell into a dream. For example, how to press my lips to a nervous Serezhkin mouth. I started to get sick this person.
When the bell rang, he pulled out from under the table a laptop, which, it turns out, all the time worked during a lesson, and bent over the keys. I did not dare approach him for fear interfere and remained in place. To my surprise and Natasha did not run as usual for his theme. She turned to me and said that yesterday was in the movie.
- Good film? - I asked indifferently.
- I do not know, - she said.
I stared dumbly at her. Natasha grinned.
- Probably good. There was a full house. I was sitting on the lap of Artem.
- It is clear - I muttered.
- Well, - Natasha giggled. - I was sitting on it, and Artem me more aroused clitoris. While the film was going, I came several times.
- Shut up, and, - I said.
But she was not appeased.
- And when we left, Artem put me near the hood of some machines, Headers and began to fuck. I look, and inside the car, too, fuck. She sits with his feet up on the dashboard, and it between her legs trying. Then we left, we saw each other, and they began to laugh! ..
- If you do not shut up, - I said - I'll kill.
Natasha laughed pretty. She nagged me until the last lesson. That began to whisper something to tell, knowing that in class I will not scream, then puts his pen to the groin area at her skirt and shook it from side to side. Handle she had acid pink and vaguely resembled a phallus. And once she slipped me the photo, amateur, of poor quality, but it was obvious the two some ugly aunt sitting on the grass against each other, lounging on the sides of the legs, and fuck each other with sticks with rags wound on them.
I've long since forgotten stare at the earrings. I was very sick. I felt dirty. And when it started last lesson, literature, I realized that for which Natasha tried. Because barely greeted, Mariana announced that since before the ball left for three days, we will rehearse in her lesson. And in order not to interfere with each other, on the free disperse offices. Our group is sent to the damn auditorium.
I'm not going to repeat his mistakes and decided to score on this theater. I quickly went to the door. Here are just a security guard, and did not think to let me. I stood before him, red and angry, struggling with bouts of nausea.
- Do not you see that she was ill? - I heard.
It Seryozhka again appeared from nowhere like an angel-savior.
- And you what do you want? - Ungraciously I asked the guard.
- I was sent to carry out - without blinking, he replied earrings.
- Bring a note from the teacher, that's true! - He demanded the guard.
... Seryozhka handed him a piece of paper, and a minute later I was able to breathe in the fresh frosty air. Seryozhka walked silently beside him. I'm still torn up the road, with thoroughly, to tears and trembling in his legs. This is multiplied by more shame to the guy that I liked. I was ready to sink into the ground. But Sergei behaved quite adequately. While I choked vomiting, he supported me, then handed a packet of paper handkerchiefs, and when we passed the street stalls, bought a bottle of mineral water. I could otpoloskat mouth and drink.
- In my opinion, you are now you fall, - Sergey said cautiously.
I agreed with him, but stubbornly stumping forward. The upshot was that he put his arm around my waist and led. At this point I did not care. I handed him the key. He opened the door and let me into the apartment. For a moment stood in the doorway, I watched my attempts to pull off his boots and walked resolutely. He helped me to change the shoes, hung in the hallway robe and walked me to the room.
I fell on the couch and closed her eyes. I woke up in the evening. The room was half dark, only on the floor shone a bright light spot. Right at the Palacio, cross-legged sitting earrings. Light his laptop screen. Hearing my movement, he raised his head.
- How do you? - he asked.
I do not know - how. She felt weak and broken.
- Your mother says it's nerves, - said Sergey.
- How do you know that? - I asked.
He it turns out to be called from my cell phone, I said that to me, my mother instructed him what to do.
- I'm sorry - I said, when we were sitting in the kitchen and drank sweet tea. - You must have full cases.
- Honestly - he admitted - I did all day in the classroom. I wanted to release the evening.
- Well, that's - I began.
- To be with you - he interrupted.
- A! You're also a clairvoyant - I said with disgust.
He smiled.
- No. I would like to invite you to the cafe.
- I can not accept your invitation, - I muttered.
- Yeah, I see, - he laughed and became serious. - Who brought you, I do not understand?
I remembered and again angry. This Natasha, apparently ill female hysteria! Well, it was not to repeat it all she was carrying.
- Why then do you take me? - The question I answered. - From the apartment of Artyom?
- And that it was not necessary? - He asked mockingly.
- And you yourself think? - I asked grimly.
- I think you're not one of those with whom you have fun. Are you one of those on whom are married.
It was a compliment.
- You are going to get married? - I blurted out.
He laughed.
- Of course, - he said. - What do you think?
- What, right now? - I asked grimly.
- Can now, - he said.
- Forward - I'm allowed.
He stood up and confidently walked up to me. I'm worried.
- E! - I stammered. - What are you doing?
- Princess unhappy, - he said. - Think when trkaesh language!
He pulled off my stool and pulled him abruptly. And something happened, what I dreamed the whole morning. He kissed me. It was a very long kiss. I'm still trying to answer. But once opened her mouth, her lips closed Seryozhka me it back. From him faint smell of some expensive perfume. The smell was the marine and fresh. Finally, Sergei allowed me to open my mouth, and the kiss gained momentum. This is usually described as a sucking and penetration. We did not. We like hugging lip lips each other. It turned out very exciting and at the same time innocent. I first rested her hands on his chest, but at some point in the natural movement threw his hands behind his head and pressed his whole body, he felt his tension and tremors. He sighed softly and let me out.
- I want to be with you, - he said. - Have this in mind.
And he returned to his seat. I'm disappointed, I remained standing.
- Princess, - he said with an effort. - You're not well ...
What is it he is imagined? !! I was prepared to tell a bunch of nasty things to him, but fortunately at this moment returned from working parents. Seryozhka did not listen to their speeches of thanks and strongly denied the dinner. In the hallway, already dressed, he hastily tore off my lips one more kiss and run away.
Closing the door behind him, I heard him talking on the mobile phone:
- Hello! It's me

I am the Monday and death

What we are concerned about all this time? Memories, oh yes, the memories ... of a woman who you do not like. On the women with whom you sleep.
Leave only the cherished memory in itself. Why do you need to get you cursed? Lie on time or do not lie at all. Do not make plans. "Now I love you"- The greatest thing you can say it does not matter - you are lying or telling the truth.
"All the best - to children" - She said, and laid his head on my bare stomach. We slept well, it seems ...
And the night is mired in us.
Were heavy grasshopper, and crumbled almonds, spinning wheel is cracked in half, dried grass at the well. My mouth is full of alfalfa and capers, wet my pants with excitement: a new night came to me, peals of egg on the saucer - Easter!
A priest trembles on the screen with hundreds of rows and trembling tenor retells some saint issushayusche sultry mirage. Deacon, Deacon, why did you corrects glasses? The fact whether the faithful - take care of your glasses? On such a night ...
When I slept with unloved women, I thought that happiness - is sleeping with his girlfriend. What I was romantic. What a lucky man. Carefree buddy carefree men.
O Lord my God, and sometimes we make love. But do not ever sleep together. Someone who do not trust one of us, I guess. "I go to sleep, and you stabbed me razdvinesh teeth and spit in his mouth". I did not go to the kitchen for a cigarette, wrapped in a sheet - and I speak about the Turin Shroud! With stubborn ... a drop of fresh blood.
Fresh blood is bad fit with cadaveric spots and, Deacon? On the heels of rigor ... scabs ... Thin Heel Galilean foundling ... Pubic lice - it is worse than the crown of thorns?
But who will try this crown?
Martyrdom of any homeless incomparably more sophisticated and meaner hasty crucifixion. But to be a dirty, sick and smelly - does not mean to suffer.
And that means - to suffer? Walking in the snow in leaky boots or glass - with a leaky heart?
Walk on the glass - it represent ... you now. Haggard, his eyes closed. Pronounce words by bubbling through water.
And where is now this resurrected? And, he stands in the corner and smiles! Does He turned Hardly. Hardly He covered his ears.
Fall of His grace, King of the Jews! Send down to them children - bright, like Stumpy! Teach them the right way! ON-MED-LEN-HER ...
In the sweat of thy brow thou shalt sleep with his wife, and cleave to each other. In the sweat of your face and I'll represent you two ...
"Why do you say it ..." Why are you doing this! Why am I not dead here and now!
Loving. Warm words. I puke warm words. Daily physical pain. Like more than a dozen syringes with glucose broken off in me.
What do not you like it when you hit below the belt? Is it bad - fingers in the door? When the eye is punctured sewing needle? No, thinner, Behold the soul, it is - as an open meat. And it is a living, quivering meat falls ... light. Loveable. Spring. Fertile.
Come see the same as me break dry branches old soul: aspen, accursed, abandoned, forgotten, lonely. As it dries up and tear on the fingers of my dough. Web of my Lord. Do you think I hate you, darling ?!
How did you wrong.
* * *
Suicide - again! Suicide - two! Suicide - three! Sales.
The late in the teeth found ham fiber, and in the guts - the same ham, but already partially redeveloped in the shit.
Perspiration on the tiles, perspiration on his forehead. Hands, floating above the water. Dirty Cigarette brilliant purple fingers.
Blood of so many on this planet, why should, in fact, we consider it as something sacred? Spilled blood stinks. This - the smell of Art.
What smells good? English cologne smells good ...
Slush, uplifted to character, to precious stones and precious metals in the world. Refined pure slush my hopes. Mirror momentary despair. A night full of menthol and ice. Porridge for fire-breathing vampire. The way home - on the brains scattered ...
No I can not. Anyway, that keep the udders of life in the teeth and breasts to spread mustard. So much so that any misanthropy seems childish to me, because it is necessary to begin to hate themselves, and who is capable of it?
Is it just crazy.
I hate a clever, resourceful your language. His work, his bread. I hate the great country in which I live. Own people. I hate the night, because she comes, and what it takes place. I hate death because it breaks down and must be courted.
The world caught me - and the world has caught me. And now on my trail - the trail of the fleeing clouds snails. Wet, slippery trail leading to madness thickets.
Honey and milk are under thy tongue, on a cold! And loose slide - coin - bitter puddle - aspirin in the language.
And he said Ecclesiastes: "God in heaven, and thou upon earth; so shut up!" But my head is surrounded by a deafening sweaty cloud, ribbons grace unprecedented okruchena my head. The Lord gives to know that angry with me, but so slightly.
Well, take off my roof, meticulous fussy! We have long time to communicate without personalities and circumlocution, brain to brain, heart and soul. Come on, who will overcome? What do you say?
I, stinking stinking own sweat - aspirin squeezed me like a rag, like a piece of cheese - I was sitting on a toilet seat with his pants down, pale, unkempt, pathetic - stronger than you and smarter than you, though, because I from thee nothing necessary. Yes, I know all my insignificance, I know how miserable my desires, aspirations dull, rusty talents. But I'm - here I say it and I think it is, and you, all-powerful and all-good, you can not stop me! So what's the difference between us? We - individually, each on its side, and I am not with you! And there Thee - in me! So, we - are.
And if I suffer a misfortune (what word is a brand new word ...!), If I become a cripple and falling into someone else's care - no, I will not melt in their ruchoshkah; I melted pretend physiologically spreading - and will not melt, no! Ice am and ice otydu. I do not salt the earth, for the least capable of being seasoning.
So then he jumped off the rails, or clouds, or why he's fallen, fallen angel ... with haystacks ... From the tower of Babel ... With the Whore of Babylon ...
A guided Did you, Lord, an orgasm?
And if you did, Lord, to humble the pride of their own?
A cry of rage?
Power of Your only that you deny all the rest. How to call you? Atomic bomb?
Wet April. Nastasia smokes "LM" and asks: "Why this war with God?"
Ha, yes here if I knew why! Snow on the streets ... why? After almost summer? Took so I fell.
Nastasyushka mine in a deserted town in the central streets wet and empty like a white night like a neutron bomb your eyes ...
I love you so much that I would like to smear his own heart on the wall. Almost every night I was choking on self-pity, but do you really think that this is just a pity? Each of my tears - you; and I drink my tears, and they were sweet to me! I really wake up thinking about you, and go to sleep, thinking about you, but if I only woke up and went to sleep ... All these days without you I spent in the wardrobe, I try on other people's lives, other people's faces. Because your face I get only when you look into it.
How great I made it all up, right?
I'll maybe come up with? Here I look at you and do not see you today, and you yesterday, and some long eternal Nastasyushku, and it to me for some reason to tears sorry, I like it more than the family, most native people, than, sometimes, private life ... because she looks at the world through the eyes of those wounded, because she is such a word ... do not pick up ... not defenseless, not - too late. Where late? I do not know. There was a girl in one place, and went somewhere else. And looking at her: who avidly who indifferently, but as it is - no. No mirrors my princess. And she begins to invent various theories, talk about happiness and unhappiness, not knowing (no one knows), neither the one nor the other; about love and lack of love, family and children, the books ... And it's all too late and out of place, because the main thing, for what it has come, what to expect, she was promised - this is no longer and will never be .
And here I have something I can ?!
"Ah, here I am, how I am here ..."
Probably I could have something. Why, if I let this girl - there behind barbed wire in her eyes - if she believed me ... Because I do not make your bed praying, I was not a bed of you need - and what I thought, through the bed, please contact:
Where do I!
But I have this glass - something your soul - would not quit! I would not breathe it! And it was the same, and there were many hours when just about, here it is - the butterfly, from you to me ... flies flew ...
I call you, call every night - and I do not hear your own voice ... Nothing disturbs the silence. Others are fighting on your glass. And then I find a stone in his bosom, and he still trembles in my hand ...
I think you understand me now.

Once at the Institute

My name is Christina I am 19 years old. This happened a year ago, during the winter session. I calmly listened to the lecture with me Yeshe was 5 guys. They clearly showed to me, I was a little nervous curiosity. When the lecture was over, I hurried home, but I blocked the way out of these 5 guys from the lecture. On either told that the teacher called me and they want me to hold him. But I went to the current study these guys shut the door. They said it is better to close the door even though they could hardly believe.
Then I sat down at the desk and waited. 2 guys hooked me and three behind. And then one guy dropped his pen and asked me to her podnyat.No soon as I leaned as immediately sat next 2 me boys grabbed me and I had to keep my head under the desk because I could not get up the guys to keep me were very strong. At the same moment three men sitting behind me grabbed my ass and started to take off his pants and everything else. Current I wanted to scream as one of the guys stuck to me by the throat member is not enough, he was hard and I knew that sooner or later I will have to swallow his cum. Undressing my lower part was not difficult but with the taking off outerwear guys had popyhtet. But after 15 minutes I was completely naked.
At first, the guys introduced themselves that their name is Sergei, Micah, Ilya, Andrei and Artem, and what they are newcomers and I got accustomed to them. And unfortunately because of one member, I had to listen to this talk. Finally the boys undressed and started. For a kid who started stuck in my mouth a member of Andrew finished and I had to swallow it all, the guy obviously did not have sex for a long time because I had to swallow the portions where 5.Zatem Artem stuck me in the ass cock and started to fuck me, so much so that the entire cabinet was heard the sound of eggs on my ass. Finally the matter joined Ilya, Serega and Micha. Andrew stuck out to me from the mouth member of the trio I start to push their fighters in the mouth. 3 members were directly in my mouth but finishing each in turn.
Andrew looked closely my pussy as none has touched her, he approached her and began to slowly fuck your fighter. Then Andrew suggested position will change and then I was not on the desk and on the teacher's stole.Cherez while Andrew lay down on me and started licking my nipples, and a perverted lie on her head on my chest. And after a while Artyom again finished with me and to satisfy his lust. After some time, and the three who Suva in my mouth, too, the members gathered and left. One left me to fuck Andrew, where the first hour he had finished me in the ass and then in the pussy then in the mouth 5 times and dumped attacked me and started playing again with my tits.
An hour later he also left and I was left covered in sperm from the pussy and ass I ran semen around the mouth, too, both breasts were white from the sperm because one of the boys Ilyukha does not end in my mouth and on the tits and rubbing sperm all over my body.

Sweet flour

First they had dinner in a restaurant. Then they went into their cozy nest that he rented for her only. They have long indulged in the bath, allowing only a flirtation. She is able and how!
Then they went into the room. She told him to lie down on the bed, outstretched arms and legs. She wrapped a silk scarf around his wrists and tied to the bedposts. The same is done with his legs ... ..
He lay there, thinking, fantasizing and dreaming ... ..
She sat down and admired his work. He was helpless, but if desired could easily break free, and has already become noticeably excited.
- It's a game - she explained. - Once the tear scarves - the end of the game. And if you're a good boy, until the morning going to play. He immediately bought. And in another way, but it is well known, and even more ......
She explained it all washed away games if tear scarves in 2 hours, you will lose if longer hold out, win. Both game ... overwhelmed.
She stood up and started to leave. Till! He heard the door slam.
- Oh my God! - He moaned that even came up with his sweet lady ....
The room included two women. Let's call them Mary and Carrie ?! She explained to them that she wants to make a gift to his friend a birthday! Spetsugoschene! They knew exactly what they need to do. Stripped to the goal, they got a vibrator and bottle of fragrant oils ...
Ignoring him, she took for each other.
Mary took in the mouth papilla Carrie. Carrie groaned, lay on the table and spread her legs wide. Mary continued to caress her small breasts: tongue, hands, and then the stomach. So she reached the semi-open rotika Carrie that Zrazy she realized that she wanted her friend ....
He groaned softly, calling for the powers of heaven to win the bet ....
It seemed to him that now he would die and rise again from what he saw, that those doing a pupa. He tried to close his eyes, but the moans and cries of the girls did not give him this opportunity.
His cock was ready to break into small pieces. She saw it all, but he's not tearing scarves. Wow!!!
Mary began pouring oil all over the body of his girlfriend and massage it. Then I turn on the vibrator and brought to pussy ... Carrie.
He screamed like a wounded animal, begging, flew ... .. and finally ......
She ordered the girls to leave immediately. They quickly left.
For a long time in the air, he was heard him groan.
She approached him and pointed to the future. I passed just one hour ...
- I want, want, want, want tebyayayayayayayaya ... .. She herself barely rested, ready to pounce on him. Another minute and she lost ...
One jerk he tore the silk scarves and attacked her as if a hundred years have not seen a woman.
- You're one in a million - he said quietly.
- I know - she whispered. - You too.

Before surgery

At the age of thirteen, after school we, boys, forced to drag terribly heavy boxes of books, thus helping to move our library from the fourth floor to the ground, on my wrist there was a small hillock, he saw that, my mother dragged me to a surgeon that, or rather, who said that this thing must necessarily cut. The operation was scheduled for the end of the day, it had to wait for about six hours in a small room adjacent to the parlor, which served as an operating room.
By the end of this period, the room became a surgeon - a beautiful woman or girl years dvadtsatipyati with long legs, the beauty and harmony which emphasized translucent tights, with a narrow waist, marvelous brown hair extra lech and-faced teenager, so it all could be taken for high school student, if not solid bust. Along with it came a nurse who wanted to prepare me for surgery, but the doctor said that she needed to see me more, then left medsetra sanitize the table and tools, and we went back to the office.
Once we went there, "The doctor" sat on a chair, resulting in a short skirt flashed her white panties, however, it fairly quickly hid them from my prying eyes, legs crossed, and then seemed to purposely strictly said:
- Undress to the heats.
I was surprised to look at her.
- You did not hear? Or do you think the operation will make you dressed? ... Anyway, your parents are not here, they see ...
I did what I was told, followed by an equally strict:
- Come on.
I felt everything shake thurses stronger my penis is literally pulled out of them, it seemed, it has increased ten times, until I did this two or three steps in the direction of the girl, the latter having taken a skeptical view of me, just smiled.
- Hands behind your back.
Almost mechanically, I obeyed. The woman, a few seconds to hold me under his gaze, just below the village and, with one hand firmly covering me and the other sdrnuv my pants, my dignity absorbed in their little mouth just en on the eggs ...
Only later I learned that what she does with me, called a blowjob and then I was just staying on the seventh heaven of passion and happiness, little realizing what is happening in the rest of the world, feel the tongue and teeth "The doctor" do their job, probably, that's when I came the first time in my life ... After that happened, she let go of me and obliznuvshis, asked me not to tell anyone what had happened.
I promised, however, still little is wondering. After that, saying that the nurse "We've probably been waiting for", The surgeon opened the door of the operating room and rudely pushed me back ...

Birthday Love. Newlyweds.

I can not believe it has been three years! It happened, like, recently, when our birthday has gained a new meaning. However, with the year before we started to organize similar joy more often than once a year: on the Old New Year or Valentine's Day, and - in the summer, with the departure of the nature. And this year, Anya for a couple of weeks before our day of birth to celebrate a wedding. Played - loudly. They are friends with Victor for two years, and since he is older Ani for a year, then had to wait only when Ana eighteen to officially sign. After a small family feast together with matchmakers, we lived in a free suite large bedroom. In fact, Victor lives a year we, the benefit is enough space.
By the way, and Cyril is a girl - Julia. And she often spends the night with us, but the wedding is naturally too early to say. Though we laid Julia to sleep in the vacant Anya's bedroom, the night the kids, of course spent together. Yes, we could not in any way prevent them from sexual intercourse, as we believed in the sincerity of their feelings and can fully rely on the integrity of Cyril. Naturally, we could not expect that Julia immediately begins to behave at home as we are used to it, but on the eve of our day birthday Cyril and Julie came to us with Tanya and announced that they love each other and advance asking our blessing. We are touched by it to such an extent that even Tanya slzki welled up with emotion.
In general, the current our birthday, we had to meet like this that's advanced composition. And if at the presence of the newlyweds questions like should not be, although some doubts as apprehend Victor, there were. That's against Julia it was not so easy. But seeing what beseeching eyes looked at us Kirill during a family council, we can not yield to his request, on the participation of Julia's in all our celebrations.
So, come the morning of our birthday!
First to our bedroom sneaked Cyril Anya. But we have not slept, congratulating each other. The children smile waited for Tanya and I were kissing. Kirill, giving mom a gift set of perfumes, was about to kiss her on the cheek, but Tanya deftly held up at the last moment the lips that kissed Cyril happily. But Anya though and kissed me on the cheek, presenting the indescribable beauty of the tie, but then slipped under my blanket and clung to me all over, as if by chance with his hand on my penis, which immediately began inevitably to rise causing a mischievous gleam in the eyes of our small minx.
Unlike our children come running as it is naked, Victor and Julia were in the traditional garb of night. By giving a gift, Victor, trying to kiss Tanya, but got the same reception and "hit" lips under our applause and Tanya did not let him until she had enough breath. Julia also leaned toward me hesitated, but still did not dare to kiss me on the lips. But I was able to enjoy the view of her small breasts with pink nipples in a cutout nightgown. Then the whole rebyatnya noise and ran squealing on other rooms to get and give each other gifts, and we looked at each other knowingly Tanya: how else will develop tonight.
So working day behind and our family is going back home under a roof. Each appeared with some shopping on the list drawn up by the girls and immediately included in the general bustle of preparations. As a result, when everyone was already assembled basic preparations have been completed and we are all stamped in advance overheated bath.
Once we have all stripped became visible difference in the sexual education of children. We came to the bath to bathe in and of itself it could not cause us to drive, even though the upcoming fun. Only a member of Viti immediately straightened up, and Julia blushed, even without going to the steam room, and immediately hid behind Cyril back. In general, it had yet to disperse their pairs in different corners. As the washing reached brooms and sponges spin rubbing each other, with the result that I gathered the guys beside him. We dived at the same time in the steam room, the pool and the girls also had to "united". And somehow in itself everything returned to normal by the end of the bath and we were embraced as always in close range of friendly and happy.
A little breath, Tanya, shlpnuv adjacent the wet buttocks, said:
- All right, kiss, and - at the table!
With these words she sank to her knees in front of me, took my wet cock in her mouth, her lips moving and retracting the foreskin in mouth only head. Anya also wasted no time before Vitya sat and took his penis in her mouth, began at once to take it into his mouth to its full length. Julia quite mastered in our company again stopped in confusion, but Cyril something whispered to her, and she also sat down and touched his lips to the head of his penis, which immediately began to straighten itself penetrating caress his mouth. Then we kissed in response to their wet pussy and women went upstairs things as they are naked.
In the living room, we sat at the round table. On the one hand next to me sat Tanya, and on the other - Julia. Next to Tanya on the other hand turned out to be Victor, Cyril and Anya - in front of us. So everyone sat with his half with a stranger. The first toast was certainly for the birthday girl - for Tanya. With a short break the second toast - for the rest of the birthday of Our birthday. Once was a little appeased hunger, which all experienced after a good bath-house, was again offered the traditional toast "For the love"Which is immediately transformed into a toast "On-brundershaft". In general, clinked their glasses and drank every had to kiss her first half and then the neighbor on the other side, so to speak "Kiss with those who are right, and then to those who have left".
After a full and passionate lips Tatiana thin sponge Julia first met my kiss wary cold, but gradually the passion I put into that kiss, began to seize her and eventually she opened her mouth answered me and I felt her breasts as begin to harden nipples her breasts. Then our meal already lasted more relaxed atmosphere - we are having a good time, eating, drinking, hugging and kissing. And more and more openly and that no one is bothered, including Julia, which has itself turned me in for a kiss, while Cyril turned away at Anya.
Once again, kissing Julia and I felt like it, apparently not realizing report, she puts her hand on my long been excited member. Feeling that Julia froze, waiting for my reaction, I put my hand on top of her and stroking me set the desired tempo, then began stroking her small breasts, touching with trembling pale pink nipples. Continuing to kiss passionately, I entered the language in the mouth of Julia, and she, more and more agitated, began to suck my tongue moving his head and hand at the same pace. We forgot about the others, completely surrendering to the waves of pleasure that seized us all stronger and not immediately heard the voice of Tanya:
- Guys, let's go upstairs - there is much more convenient.
Turning his head corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of what Tanya straightened just emerging from under the table, which apparently did blowjob Vita. Most likely it out and start his sentence.
- No, no, - there and then he rattled Anya, jumping from, trying to keep her knees Cyril a little bit more beside him - we will not go without dessert. So, boys, quickly remove all the excess from the table, and we - are already turning to Julia - the kitchen.
Cyril was collected from the table and give us dirty dishes, and we are all attributed to the washer.
- What dessert? - I wondered aloud Tanya, automatically transferring contact the dishes - I'm not preparing anything sweet. What are they up to?
When the table was all removed, we stopped in confusion ... which put the cup - tea or coffee. But it appeared from the kitchen of our restless inventor, carrying all sorts of cans, jars, vases and cans with cream and cream cakes. Having made all on the edge of the table, Anna began to dispose on:
- So, now you, Mom, lie down on the table. Oh please, Mommy, this is our surprise - she hurried Tanya, seeing that she continued to stand with uncomprehending view.
Shrugging and realizing that nothing that could be afraid of, her daughter did not create, Tanya lay on the table. Anna helped her mother to stay so that she was lying completely on the table, his hands behind his head, with your knees bent, resting his heels into the edge of the table. Then they Julia began to cover the entire body of Tanya jams, jams, sweets, at the end of his creation adorned with whipped cream and fresh berries. Male part of the company had only to sit in their seats watching with interest what is happening, not even suggesting that it may continue for the follow.
- Well, now it's our mom became even sweeter - setting aside the vase and admiring his creation heralded Anya and already turning to me, - Well folder, try to give up sweet Now!
Nowhere in the hands of the guys were Christmas crackers.
- Hooray! Congratulations! - Zagaldeli all forming a circle in the air and confetti flew.
Immediately around the table spun dance with the song "How Tannins name day we baked loaf"And I began leaning to kiss his wife, trying to get through the sweet decoration. Taking lips strawberries with one breast, I raised it to his lips, Tanya, in a kiss to share it with her. But Tanya probably wanted me "beautify" and she, instead of biting off half, suddenly clenched her teeth, without missing a berry into his mouth, shook his head from side to side crushed and smeared strawberries on our to her parties, adding to this the cream, which was in the form of roses on her cheeks .
Under the general laughter, I no longer afraid to get dirty, began with even greater fervor to kiss Tanya, nose, tongue and chin, pushing piles of cream like an icebreaker. I was kind, since the nipples, both hemispheres beautiful Tanya's breasts, climbed into language dimple navel, finding there filbert nut and finally the legs apart, fell to a cap of whipped cream covered pubis. How could swallowing, pushing the rest, I gradually made his way to the cherished schlke, which has long been languishing in anticipation of affection, what I learned, once I committed the bulk of the cream. Then I began to carefully lick the vulva lips and, as their disclosure of the growing excitement gradually penetrate to the inner delicate petals, literally expiring juice, even more sweet than all eaten cream.
No longer in a moment to realize what is happening around, I did not felt the touch of somebody's fingers on his penis. It turns out our merry company stopped revelry, fascinated watching us. Julia was clinging to his back Kirill, his head on his shoulder and head arm back, he caressed his penis. Kirill, hugging her friend, one hand caressing her breasts and the other stroking his thigh. On the other side of the table as well without looking up from what is happening, Victor clenched his fist standing erect penis. And our Zateinitsa settled down at my feet caressed my hand pours a desire to cock. When I looked up from fondling Tanya's pussy and stood up, the daughter made a few hand movements on the entire length of the penis, make sure of its sufficient hardness, said:
- And now we will treat papulechka and dessert.
With that, she covered my cock whipped cream from a container and letting clearly indicated languor schlku Thani. I brought even more increased from an abundance of cream head to Tanya's crotch and wanted to have a force to press, but by a sufficiently strong excitation of my favorite and extra lubrication in the form of a cream penis easily penetrated inside of the cream dragging with them, and some - smearing our pubis. Then I hugged her hands divorced in different directions hips measured movement began, each time feeling increasingly strong wave covering our passion and adoration of each other. I have felt the inevitable approach of the final, but it was not there. Anya stopped me, gently but firmly pulled away from Tanya.
- This slice for me - she said, and took my covered with cream and juices of love dick in your mouth.
Having absorbed him almost completely, she made a few movements, from which I was already staying on the verge of patience was nearly finished. Sensing this, Anya squeezed the head of my penis shudder novice teeth not to pain, but just enough to keep him prematurely discharged. Releasing a member from his mouth, she again covered him with a cream layer and sent to Tanya's slit. I continued movement in the vagina flushed, now like a second breath, more and more clearly felt the first barely perceptible waves her approaching orgasm. Meanwhile, Julia and beckoned Anne sat by his side. Without giving me once more to cross the finish line, the daughter stopped me again and turned to Julia, who has no hesitation in his mouth took my shiny and sweet penis.
Movement of her more timid compressed lips almost caught by the skin of my perevozbuzhdnnogo member, but then, with a gentle and selflessness she did, was too much for my patience. I, overpowering desire to immediately finish it in his mouth, gently pulled away and turned to Tanya, do not restrain their feelings, from once drove his cock into it at full length. Tanya moaned sweeping her senses, jerked, embracing me with his hands and cuddling all over, she began to sit down on my penis. Each time, her moans grew louder and louder, gradually moving to the outcries. I finished at the first movement, but my cock was not going to weaken from vibration sodragaemyh seemed endless orgasm vaginal walls.
Gradually the cries of passion and movement slowed and Tanya calmed down in my arms, her head resting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, words of gratitude.
Anya grabbed a can of whipped cream, Julia began to cover them, Cyril and Vitya, the remains of the squeezing. Then they hugged and couples, kissing and caressing, began to circle around us, managing at the same time more and sweet slap palms to all who could reach. To get to us, gradually drawing us into a common brawl. When drunk enough, and began to look the same, we stopped noisy breathing and licking the remnants of sweet dessert.
- Well it is! - The whole breath-feeding, handed Tanya - Thank you, relatives, my favorite! And now the feast is moved up, but first - wash - and we close crowd stomped in the shower on the second floor.
In the bathroom we had to split up into two groups according to the number of showers. Anna Julia clung to me squeezed into one, and Cyril Victor and Tanya gallantly conceding the second in succession after diving. The guys pretty quickly washed off the sticky remnants of cream and more and more help to wash Tanya, that was more like a thinly disguised attempt to direct acquaintance with the structure of the female body. Tanya initially helped the guys, mostly Vita, get comfortable in his new role, directing the movements of their hands, and when things got to pass a course, and she began to caress their strong muscular body more and more often below the belt.
When the flush is already clearly there was nothing and affection began to take frank, the trio moved to the center of the bathroom and the guys started to take turns kissing Tanya, stroking her breasts, hips and thallium as though hesitating for a frank affection. Tanya also answering their kisses with her characteristic passion, immediately began to pay attention to and got stronger penis. Naturally it soon, kneeling, began to take ... in his mouth cock, each time more and more increasing the depth and rhythm of turns. Feeling their growing passion, Tanya stood up abruptly and embracing Cyril and Vitya, captivated both of them with him to our bedroom.
Meanwhile, Anna Julia moved from cramped shower stall and settled in rather big size corner bath with gidromassazhm. I stayed in the shower behind a glass partition under the caressing water jets, and the girls sitting on the knees to the waist in the water began to caress each other, knowing full well that I am watching them. At first Anya stroked and kissed Julia from the waist up, paying particular attention to the roundness of her excitement breast with tender pink nipples. Julia initially behave passively, just eager breathing and only in response to Anya's kisses on the lips, but with increasing excitement, she started in response to fondle Anna.
Gradually, their caresses moved below the belt and now they are both at the same time enthusiastically pushed onto each other's fingers as if to penises. The edges of the bath did not allow me to see what they get up, but the imagination quickly dorisovyvat missing. Realizing that now is the time I came out of his hiding place and came closer, admiring their dance of love. Anna noticed that I wish to join them, moved to the side, not ceasing to caress Julia and I got them.
But now Julia noticed that there are still a number of somebody else, she turned her head and her face appeared in front of my swaying with dark shiny penis head. Taking his hand, she opened her mouth and began to suck the head of the penis, sometimes letting it out of his mouth, to stroke her fingers across the length of a member. Anya while watching from the side, while continuing to caress with one hand Julia and the other himself. Once again Julia released head out of his mouth, Anya quickly bent down and picked up the penis in her mouth as she could, until Julia's fingers clutching his base.
Julia does not resent having treachery girlfriend became fascinated to watch as she sucks dick, taking it to the throat. enjoying little, Anya brought me back to Julia, and she began to kiss her breasts. Julia again took my penis in her mouth, but this time trying to take it deeper. Gradually it began to receive her and Julia, enjoying the new began to more actively for himself suck my feelings are already beginning to flinch from overflowing passion penis.
For we do not interfere, Anya ceased to caress Julia and sat down on the opposite semi-circular edge of the tub, she began to fondle himself, fingering her pussy and occasionally plunging into one finger. She did it deliberately, seeing that I lust after watching her actions, though completely surrendering Yulin caresses. I was just about ready to suspend Julia and plunge his horse in Anya schlku ajar, but the daughter got up, stepped over the edge of the bath, went into the bedroom to rest.
Julia noticed that we were left alone, got to her feet, clinging to me all over, and dug a long passionate kiss on my lips. Then she put one foot on the edge of the tub, relegating the knee to the side and put her hand on the bottom. Taking fingers tense penis, she paused again, looking straight into his eyes and waiting for my reaction.
- Today we do not have any taboos. You can do what you want. We all love each other and give each other love. If you really want bolder.
With these words, I gently stroked Yulia's head, brought his lips to her lips and kissed it. Responding to kiss my lips and tongue, Julia started to rub the head of my penis her sex lips, each time getting stronger and stronger pushing until the head slipped inside. Then she took his hand, put her arms around my neck and gently jumped, threw and kicked me. Hold it on weight, I started to move a member from the bottom up, gradually penetrating deeper and deeper, until fully planted a girl on his penis. Noticing a small grimace of pain on his face Julia, I stopped, but I got used to the size of the permeate into the member, she began to rise and fall gradually accelerating pace.
At some point, Julia is too high rose cock all went out and falling down she slipped past him. I just held her. Julia was about to resume intercourse again, but I seated her on the edge of the tub wall, he dropped to his knees and threw her legs apart. For a time I admired the beauty of the opened excited female body. Then I leaned pressed his lips to the still not closed lips sex and began to kiss them penetrating tongue in gentle depth, which immediately began to respond to the waves rolled neutolnnoy passion. And when I got up a little higher, found the language barely distinguishable bead clitoris and began to caress it, Julia, a loud groan, grabbed my head in his hands and pressed me to her, huddled in her orgasm swept.
Gradually calmed down, Julia let go of my head, slid down and gratefully kissed me on the lips. We sat for a bit, caressing each other, and gradually recovering.
- And can you something to ask? - First broke the silence Julia.
- Certainly ask, - continuing to gently stroke her I said.
- We Kiryusha already slept together, but now it was ... somehow ... not that you, as always - with difficulty choosing his words said Julia, - I can not explain it, but this I have not experienced. No, it has ended, I was already. But first ... when standing.
- And, I realized - I realized what she was - you certainly Kirill always done it in a condom?
- Yes - Julia nodded, for some reason, while blushing slightly, or so I thought.
- The fact is, though thin condom, but still shares the male from the female flesh. And when everything happens naturally, between the genitals it goes something like an electric current. This course takes place only between truly loving each other people. And here it is necessary either to protect themselves in other ways, either - be ready for a possible pregnancy. You talk to her mother, Tanya, it will help you identify and safe days - enjoy your full sex.
- Oh - Julia caught on, only now noticing that caressed my still hard penis - and because you did not finish?
- Do not worry, I was no less well than you. Come'd better to rest, and they even suspect that - trying to make a joke, I got up and helped her up Julia.
Getting out of the bath, we went into the bedroom. I hugged Julia, stroking her little ass, and she bowed her head on my shoulder, until the door is not released from the hand of my cock.
In the bedroom, we saw the following picture. On the bed Victor was in position 69 of the Tanya and they frankly passionately caressing each other. He then cling to the moist from kissing and excitement pussy lips, then pulled away stroked puffy lips parted, further pushing their fingers and caressing the soft folds of internal lips. Tanya is already quite loud moaning that spoke of her great agitation, and sucked a member of Viti considerable size, reaching up to the lips of the scrotum. Near the bed lay on the floor face up Cyril and sister sit down on it standing upright member. At the same time her legs were wide apart, allowing Cyril not only contemplate, as his penis enters into the open jaws, but also to caress expiring pussy juice.
Noticing our appearance, Anna got out of Cyril and kissed him on the lips, went to the corner, where sat in his chair and beckoned me in no uncertain terms. Cyril got up, walked over to us and tenderly embraced Julia, kissed her on the lips.
- Well, like you, all right? - he asked.
- Yes, all right, - said Julia, and a little embarrassed, said a little quieter - I want you - with these words, she squeezed his hand hard in brilliant from just interrupted intercourse condom Cyril member.
- Let's go, - Cyril smiled, but instead ... to go into another bedroom, fascinated her second free seat.
- Are you here? - Whispered Julia tried to rebel.
- Of course. Today, we sleep together, so why be shy.
Going to a chair, he sat down and drew Cyril Julia to himself. She, legs apart, sat facing him on his lap and they began to fondle each other. I went to Anya, who immediately spread her legs apart and put them on the armrests. Just as in the bathroom, she took one hand to fondle himself demonstratively at the bottom, and the other took my little limp dick and sent his mouth. Stroking his head and shoulders Ani, I got through the mirrors, which were on every wall, to watch the others.
Julia was back to all and began to behave more naturally, as if they were alone. Kirill, kissing her breasts, putting her arms round buttocks gradually attracted Julia to himself until his penis is not rested in her crotch. Then Julia got up a little and sat down on the man's stake standing member, then finally disconnected from others, he began to sit down on it. Cyril helping her hands as much as possible to his girlfriend holding and covering her face, neck and chest passionate kisses.
Vitya, overturned in the classical position methodically thrust his cock into my wife, occasionally throwing a glance in love with its makes me a blowjob. Tanya also casts us all a great love and happiness eyes until the hurricane of desire and passion are not captured it entirely, forcing podmahivat with such fervor that Victor just completely surrendering to his feelings even stronger hugged her and put in motion all the passion, which was only capable of.
Meanwhile, Anya bringing my body in decent condition, he wore a condom on him, opened his fingers and sent schlku penis inside. Then, leaning back, she put her legs on my shoulders. Hands and leaning back in his chair Anya began to sit down on my cock, ass shaking from side to side, letting me to different parts of his flushed vagina. Behind came Tannin pleasure moan and sigh Viti, heralded for their mutual orgasm. Julia shudder froze for a moment, but the degree of excitation would not let her stop and Julie, completely surrendering swamped her senses, huddled in covered her orgasm.
Here I am, feeling the approach of his outpouring, bent and folded in half Anya just accelerated the pace and depth of the dive. After a few moments Anne shuddered beneath me and we took turns, each reached a climax with a storm moans and cries no longer pent. Only now in the silence we all looked at each other, some who even with tears of happiness in the eyes of overflowing feelings of adoration and love for each other. Catching his breath, Anya took my penis out of himself, carefully took off the condom and licking the remnants of sperm from my penis, lost to me in the chair. Going to Cyril with Julia, she also carefully removed the condom with his brother and whispering with Julia enticed her into the bathroom, where apparently organized tasting the contents.
My son and I were blissfully happy sprawled in chairs, watching with interest what is happening on the bed. Vitya Tanya put her on his back and standing across the bed on all fours sperm sucked the remnants of his penis. Calmly look at rasprekrasny slightly swaying from side to side behind my favorite course I could not for a long time. Therefore, up I went up to her and fell in behind, and began to kiss her pussy still flushed, feeling at the same time a variety of tastes and tannins juice love Viti sperm.
With his son, we have somehow tried to do a blow job to each other, of course, not as an end in itself, but to understand for themselves the nuances in methods of delivering pleasure partner. In general, it is no worse than oral sex female genitals, if not reduce it to a purely monogamous relationship, but only as adding some spice to the common love of the game.
Tanya, not yet cooled down from the last stand, beginning excited again. Without stopping to caress Vitya, she put one foot on the floor, and the second set on the edge of the bed and took the bent knee to the side, thus making themselves available to all. My cock still did not have time to rest and to achieve sufficient hardness and I looked at Cyril. He moved his hand quite active in its already got stronger penis and I beckoned to her son. He rose from his chair and walked over to the bed, changing me, sent his handsome mother's womb. It's no wonder the difference between our penises, but with the same love and passion surrendered to any of us. Now she moaned loudly with gratitude, became the squat, trying as far as possible to take a man's dignity.
I stood next to the bed with one hand caressing the breasts swaying Thani and the other trying to raise his young man, when I felt that my hand, squeezing the penis, trying to replace the other hand, as my back pressed against the female breast, rubbing nipples noticeably solid. Looking around, I saw that the back of the shower our girls and Anya, climbing onto the bed and sat down on the face of Viti crotch, and Julia, settled down behind me, clinging to me like a kitten. I, giving her my immediately began to take effect body, he launched his hand between the legs of Julia and my fingers immediately collapsed into between wet from dripping nectar desire sexual sponges. Julia is now without any hints from my side began to move his palm tightly compressed over the entire length of the penis and at the same rate to squat on my toes why I immediately "floated" and a few moments later was an absolute readiness.
Turning to face Julia, I hugged her, our lips have merged, and I fell back on the bed, pulling the girl to himself. Giving me to lie down comfortably, Julia put her hand down and sent my revived a stallion. I would like to remind about the condom, but Julia, covering my mouth with his hand, whispered in my ear:
- I want "electricity"- And, having rested his hands on my chest and started to sit down on me as if he really wanted a spark.
Then my lips were covered with Tanya's passionate kiss. Playing with her language, with one hand I caressed her breasts and the other breast Julia. Anya, dropping on his breast Vitya, caressing his penis mouth, continuing to sit down her pussy on his tongue.
Cyril passionately, but with tenderness thrusts to Tanya on the eggs, one hand stroking her back, and the second - behind Julia, and helping her with enough force to sit down with me. The first digit in the mouth Victor Ana. Swallowing every drop, she quickly moved over his face Viti schlkoy with its still quite strong cock and started jumping on it with increasing as we approach the climax of his speed. Following Julia, loud cry, paused, wincing only every cell of your vagina, compressible bouts of pleasure, and then she slid down with me and caught my discharged member of the mouth in anticipation of my finals. Anya, without reaching orgasm at weakening the penis of her husband, is transplanted to me and I dug into her greedy kiss hot lips, tongue wading wherever possible, and it is accepted to rub her pubis on my chin, increasing pressure on the clitoris.
Tanya cry of orgasm engulfed her, sinks to the floor in front of Kirill, head takes his penis in her mouth, one hand squeezing and massaging his foundation, and the finger of the second hand massages and penetrates the anus. Kirill, head gratefully stroked Tanya, after a few moments rapidly discharged in her mouth. Julia noticed how it made Tanya, the same pre-massaged circle anus poked her finger at me, with the same rhythm of moving his lips and fingers. Such torture, perhaps, will not sustain any man. The last effort I make to Anna pleasure cry crash next to me and then shoots into his mouth Julia.
Completely Satisfied we ... some time to recover. It seems to me that Julia sitting on the floor, hugging my legs and pressing her cheek against my limp dick even managed zakimarit. Or I myself fell asleep for a few seconds. But gradually comes to life, we have to somehow get on our own, even though the wide bed, but still not Dormitory. However, we do have somehow not noticed. We became even closer and dearer to each other and apart from how closely embraced and huddled together, feeling the chest and back and the body home, sleep would have probably not been able to.

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