Visiting aunt

Julia paying for shelter before Serdceva - every night after putting her daughter to bed, they staged an orgy with Julia in the title role, and in the morning and afternoon Julia sucked Dima before leaving for work.

Sometimes Dima dinner suit yourself "sex hour". At the same time Yulia had to serve him at the table, dressed only in a T-shirt and panties. It ended it is usually the fact that he poured Julia on the table and ripped off her panties, tore it. Yulia's lying here lubricated ass as butter or margarine, Dima dryuchil Julia's ass, not paying attention to her tears.

Further more. Circle of Yulin partners through Serdceva began to increase. Natasha took Julia with him in the bath, and then Julia had not just lick Natasha's friends from head to toe, but also to spin beneath them, when those rubber members, Julia flogged in every hole.

Dima, where Natasha and her daughter was not at home, came with friends. Crucified in the kitchen a bottle of vodka, they broke into Yulia's room, and crucified naked Yulechka on the bed, just the three of us - four of them raped her.

Julia every time tried to resist, but those of her impotent attempts only further aroused rapists.

Dima and Natasha came up with ever more ingenious ways to make fun of Julia. They were shooting in the photo and video all with Julia were doing, and trying to humiliate her even stronger, launched Yulia's photos on the Internet. On these pictures the three friends raped Dima Julia Serdceva at home. What they just do not do it.

Here are two of them, twisting his hands Julia, buried her face in the pillow, and the third, pulled up her skirt, pulls her panties. That's it, still lying on his stomach, his head turned to the tee shirt, and one of the men peel her hand over his bare ass, skirt and panties lying nearby.

Julia on the back. One man is sitting on her chest and slaps her on her lips by a dick and the other, extending Julia legs, eagerly pressed his lips to her shaved pussy.

Naked Julia is on his knees, raising his face. Two naked men standing over her and drochat. The next close-up photos Yulin tear-stained face, all bathed in semen.

Here's her fuck threesome. Julia sits on a member of one of the men, the other, fell in behind, he drives his end of it in the ass, and the third is trying to shove his dick in her mouth Yulin. The photo shows that Julia resists - screams, breaks and shakes his head.

Naked Julia weeping, taking his arms and legs, ass to skewer hefty dick third. Poor girl screaming and writhing in fruitless attempts to escape, and rapists only laugh, continuing to impale it a point to this club.

Close-up Julia's ass impaled on this hefty log. And on the next photo Yulin distorted with pain, tear-stained face, covered with dried semen stripes.

Julia is sitting in the bathtub under the stream of urine. Julia is a breast on the table, pushing himself buttocks and fuck her in the ass. Next photo - Julia, holding the ears, pull his mouth to a healthy huische. Close-up stretched to the limit Julia's lips and wide eyes with tears in them.

On the extreme exhausted photo Julia tied to a bed and whipped her three belts. Back, butt, thighs, legs, dissected almost to the blood. That's one of the men threw Julia head by the hair, forcing to look at the camera. Her face glistened with sweat, tears, semen, and stuck together from the sperm hair plastered to his forehead. She cried out in pain, but got laughing face photo man holding her by the hair, as can be seen, he felt a distinct pleasure.


I was awakened by a groan, I opened my eyes, I was lying next to a girl, the memory came back to me, I remembered how it picked up on the street, dragged into a car and brought home so brutally raped.

- How are you, still alive? - It was the best thing I could say.

- Can I use the toilet. - I whispered the girl. I nodded and untied her. The girl sat up, startled touching me, she lowered her legs and stood up. Suddenly, her pierced severe pain, she grabbed her crotch and bent. I jumped up and ran to her. Between the fingers of a girl and foot flowed a trickle of urine with blood.

- Nothing, I'll take. - I said.

- Painfully. - I whispered the girl.

- Lie down in bed + - Baby with horror looked at me. - I do not have nothing to do, lie. The girl obeyed. I carefully began to unclench her hands, which still clutched the crotch.

- I just look. - A girl, probably afraid of regular beatings, took her hands. Between the legs all swelled up, had a little blood.

- Nothing a couple of days and everything goes.

- You do not kill me? - Said the girl quietly. I looked at her, I made her, she was almost a child, I was so drunk that kidnapped the girl and raped her. I would not do that once, I'll be sober.

- No, I do not kill + - Before I became comes what may be the consequences. - I will not kill you, but I can not let go, I was too drunk last night and did not realize what I was doing.

- I do not have nothing to someone not tell. - Imploringly girl whispered.

- It is not necessary about it now. - I got up. - I do not let you stay here, you will come to, and then we'll talk about this topic, but for now rest, I do not hurt you.

- You are welcome. - Crying girl asked. - I do not have nothing to tell you. I got out of bed and tried to ignore her pleas, dressed.

- I'll bring you food, so I'm not sure if I can trust you, I CIDP you to bed, if you scream, I'll bind you again and Muzzle. - Taking of the drawer, handcuffs, well, I had such toys. The girl shook her head, repeating only one word. "No, no, +" I took her left hand and chained to the headboard, covered her with a blanket and left.

In the kitchen, I made a quick breakfast and went back to the bedroom, the girl sat, clinging to the bed stand, and cried. Her thin body is a pity, just now I saw the scars on the back, old scars, its someone beat and beat for a long time. Her arms and legs were fresh tracks of tights, which I contacted her yesterday. With his free hand she clutched to her blanket, covering the chest and legs. Poor scallywag, she got away from me +

- Well, that's enough, that's singing. - I took off her handcuffs and put next to her plate of food. Feed her I could not, I forced her to drink milk, and packed. My prisoner almost immediately fell asleep, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Why am I so drunk, why attacked the girl, in appearance, this girl was not like her peers, she looked like a girl home, but that's what this "home" girl do at night in the street. Removing the bedroom, I went back to the bathroom, girls clothes still lay in the corner in his pockets there was nothing but pictures of women. "Her mom" flashed in my head, the clothes were very old, though clean, to correct my prisoner was from a very poor family. I hid her clothes and went into the other room, the girl slept most of the day, and only when it began to get dark, I heard a rustling in the bedroom.

- You woke up - I said, turning on the light. - Girl village.

- I can go to the toilet? - Quietly she said.

- Oh sure. - I came up to her. The girl got up slowly, I'm holding her hand, helped her walk to the bathroom, the girl pleadingly looked at me, and I let her be alone. And she began to gain the bathroom when the girl came to the door, I called her to him.

- Take a bath. Do not worry I will not hurt you. - I said, seeing her startled look. - I helped her into the bathroom. - What's your name?

- Tina. - She answered.

- Tina. Call me Kate. What were you doing alone in the street at night and even in such an area? - The girl was looking at me, her eyes filled with tears again. - Oh, do not cry + You're not like those who go to clubs. What did you do there?

- My stepfather drove. - Tina whispered. I smiled, it facilitated my task.

- Once expelled, then stay with me, I'm not a maniac, I did not kidnap the girls on the street and do not kill them in his basement. Yesterday I was very drunk, I had a nasty mood, I was excited and lonely girl on the street easy prey. I do not know why I came, alcohol, I guess.

- I want to go, please + - Again, the girl begged.

- Stop it, I told you, you can not leave now.

- I beg you. - Tina cried, covering her face. I'm trying not to pay attention to her tears, and she began to rub the soap on her shoulders with her hands to her cunt, I gently held there. The girl shuddered.

- I have only you my + - When Tina was washed, I wrapped her in a towel and led back into the bed, wearing Tina in her nightgown and robe. Tina looked calmer, quality clothing turned her into a real beauty. I handed her a photograph of a woman.

- Who is it?

- Mama - Reply Tina, clutching the photo to yourself. - She died + for a long time, I only have a stepfather, I lived with him. He drank a lot, I just had nowhere to go, and I was looking for a place on the street, where they could spend the night.

- Tina, stay here, I do not hurt you. Now everything will be fine.

Tina was not sure, one part torn loose, but the mind reminded her how cold it can be in the "freedom", at the same time it is mortally afraid of me, she shuddered from each of my sudden movement. At any moment, waiting for me to once again not thrown over her +

- Okay, now get some rest, I will not arrest you, I trust you and you trust me, I know how hard you now, but you try ... - I helped her to lie down, and came out, I realized that the risks girl able to escape and call the police, or start screaming and perepoloshit all the neighbors, but I still decided to take a chance.

Such is the ass

fucking wanker Jam! - I blurted suddenly Pasha, my old friend, cadet, on a park bench, where we were already pretty drunk. So you want to insert anyone! Pasha was a hefty, pumped up guy, and the women on it, of course, sank. But studying at the military academy, especially will not clear. I have long wanted to see his dignity, and engaging in masturbation, I imagine how I suck his cock.

And I let you masturbate, do you want? - I asked cautiously. You Th, blue, or what? - Pasha asked, puzzled. No, probably bisexual. Passive. - I replied. - Damn, well try. I had been eyeing for your ass - his last remark I opened, I got up from the bench, he approached Paschke and relish kissed him on the lips. Then I unbuttoned his pants and it has a very hard cock jumped into my hand. No dick yourself you dick! Such bent! - I whispered. A member of Pasha was really somewhat twisted, but its dimensions have explained everything. It was a real man elda! I immediately plunged this miracle in your mouth whole, I began to lick the head, at the same time podrachivaya his hand. - Suck it, suck! Swallow it whole again! Suck my dick! - Pasha groaned. I complied with his order and then began licking his huge eggs, still stroking his trunk. They were so salty, soft ... - Pasha! Fuck me! - I groaned, already fairly aroused. - Take your pants off! - He ordered. I pulled his pants with shorts and otklyachila ass, leaned on the bench.

- Damn, you got gorgeous sporty ass - said Paschke, and with all the dope slapped me on the ass. - Oh! Fuck me, Pashenka, fuck my zhopku! - I cried harder and set his ass. Pasha poslyunil finger and thrust it into my anus, then two fingers, three ... Then he put his penis in my already developed by the hole and gently pressed. - Pashenka! Wait! Let me get used to you - I cried, because his dick was too thick for my ass. However, anus quickly got used to it. - Stick my dick for the most eggs! Fuck me like a bitch! - I said. Pasha pushed me his eldu to the end, and began violently to fuck me. - Yes Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh-oh-oh-oh! As is well-oh! Ah! M-uh! I am your whore! Fuck my ass! - I yelled, and Pasha violently fucked me and I podmahivat him his zhopku as promiscuous whore. He planted me his bull deeply, his large eggs being hit on my testicles, and his dick was working in me like a piston. - Turn around, bitch! - Pasha said, and with x! Lupa sound took a member of my ass. I turned to him, took off his pants and panties and sat her ass on the bench. Pasha took my legs, put them on his shoulders, and immediately threw me into the anus of his hard dick. - A-ah-ah! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck my hole! Oo-oo-oo! I'm your pussy! Fuck my pussy! Ah-ah-ah! Pashenka! Fuck my virginity!

Oh! What a huge dick! Fuck my crack! .. - I shouted. Pasha violently pyalil me like the last whore, planting dick in my zhopku at breakneck speed ... - Ah, Pashenka! I'm coming! Oh-Oh-ooo! Damn! How nice! Oo-oo-oo! Fuck me! Do not stop! A-ah! - I first experienced anal orgasm without touching your penis. My semen poured on his tummy ... - ssuka! I am right now, finish it! - Yelled Pasha. - Cum in my mouth, Pashenka! I pour my lips with sperm! - Pasha took out a member of my razebannogo points and I began furiously stick to it your mouth. With one hand I squeezed his testicles and the other masturbate barrel sponges, and led on the head. - Damn! I'm coming! Ah! - I felt his cock in her mouth my stiffened, and then shot me a thick, fragrant sperm flow. I continued to masturbate him, and he shoots, and shoots me in the mouth, the semen has flowed down my chin, dripping on his neck, chest, and I sucked and sucked it still hard dick sucking residues. - Bitch! How good for you! - Pasha squeezed breathless. My lips and chin were smeared with his semen, and tummy - my, and I really liked it!

- Can we repeat? - Not quite clearly, I said, because my mouth was too dick to have his sperm, I could not swallow it all. - Hey, let's go to the school to us, there you all my group vyebet! And I'm happy to shove you once more! You fucking hole - so narrow !.

Of course, I gladly accepted. One thought that I would fuck 15 hungry, young cadets and pumped me wildly excited. - Come on! - I said sternly, wiped his semen with a handkerchief, put on shorts and pants. And here we are in a military school dormitory ...

- Wow, what a bitch! - He told me about one of the students, as we entered the large room, where there were still 15 people - Yeah! - Other clicked his tongue. - Well, right now, we'll be to fuck you, whore! Take off your clothes, play the virgin! - He ordered. I took off my sweater, shirt, pants, and turned back to the children, slowly began to pull her panties ... - Wow, what an ass! - Heard the men's voices. One of the students came up to me, took off his belt and strongly slapped me on the ass. - First, we uplift you, whore! Lay on the bed! - He ordered. I stepped over her panties, and, wagging his ass and went to the bed and lay across, tummy down, legs spread and slightly raised her ass to the guys it was more convenient to fuck me. The guy with the belt came up to me and began to whip my ass. - So you slut, right! Right now we'll fuck, virgin! - He threw a belt, took off his pants, poslyunil fingers and began to shove the whole handful of my anus. My ass first resisted, she was narrow, but eventually took his whole arm, and student introduced her to me in the ass on the same wrist. Other students also undressed and masturbate looking at this spectacle. The idea that drochat on me and fuck hand, wildly excited me and I cried - Fuck me in all holes! Ebite my mouth and ass! Fill me cum !!! - Three burly guys came to my mouth, my dick stuck one in his mouth, and the other two I began to gently podrachivat their members hands. At this time, the guy pulled his hand out of my priests, and put to a member. - We love you all fuck! You will be our promiscuous slut! ... Do-Do! Boys! Fuck me! Ebite my pussy! Ebite my mouth! Ltd! - I shouted rather vaguely, because I was all the time someone fucked in the mouth, I jerked off to someone, and my ass, too, was not empty - when I finished one guy, another immediately entered into my ass, smearing semen on buttocks.

- Stick my two terms in the ass! - I cried because of my ass was not enough. Cadet lay down beside me on the back and ordered - Sit on my dick! I sat on top of him like a girl, fell in its already fairly obspermlennoy hole to its members and with the power planted on him. - Ltd! Damn! How nice! I want to dick! - Invitingly I cried, and the other guy fell in behind me, and started to shove me in the ass his fat cock. My anus, squelching of sperm, remarkably easy to accept a second term in his bosom, and then there's three guys came up to us, with one swing planted his dick in my mouth, and the other two I masturbate. So I served just five guys who fucked me in all holes. I podebyval his hot zhopku, and members were part of me deeper and deeper, extending my anus to huge sizes. - A-aAa! Oooooh-oo! Damn! AA-Ahhh! U-uuuu! - I could not say anything, only groaning from so many male members, fiercely moving in me. I ended up constantly flowing cum from my small penis. The testicles ached pleasantly. But I wanted more ... - Come with me, boys! Fill me with sperm - I shouted.

And then the guys started to finish - first two terms in my ass tightened and fired two powerful currents, the Gulf my anus hot cum, and then the three guys in front of me one by one left off my face, turning it into a solid mask of sperm ... Guys removed from members of my own, and my friend Pasha slapped my buttock obspermlennoy - Good for you, girl. Cool fuck! ... I'm lying naked, face down on the bed and out of my razebannoy, wide holes flowed thick and fragrant sperm. Buttocks, legs and back were also drops in sperm, but about the person I did not say - the eyes, nostrils, lips and tongue were all filled male secretions ...

- Guys ... Where you have a shower ... - I mumbled obspermlennym mouth. Students laughed - Yes, a girl, you can not hurt it now.


I was waiting for a lecture of my most favorite teacher - AL He's just fabulous, terrific people. Incredibly sexy ... In his lectures, I can not help but look at his pants .... on his ass ... I immediately begins to beat faster heart when I imagine how his sexy red lips kiss my .. . In general, the usual sidyuchi lectures, I just devour his eyes ... what then to me is ashamed of, always afraid that he would understand and condemn ...

It was winter, had the lecture of January 1, ... I knew in advance that few people will come (of course !!), and I would not have come if it was not a lecture, AL

I went into the audience and ... !!!!! No one !!!! Also my sexual teacher ... I said hello and sat down in front of him on the front row and felt from him a little alcohol smell ... well, it's no surprise) I was happy - hour passed, and no one, except us together ... He gave me to solve the test, he was sitting writing something ... on the test I paid little attention, more and more looked at AL ... oh! What are his sexy arms .... Large, with long fingers ... hot ... I can imagine how he got me their caresses, hugs ... I Began to dream and completely divorced from reality. And here is my reverie interrupted by the sound of falling to the floor pen ... dreaming, I dropped the pen, she rolled away to the staff table, AL smiled, bent down, picked it up and handed it to me ... I smiled back at him, picked up a pen and he accidentally touched my hand ... I was just a touch enraged I became violently to breathe and felt tense and excited to the limit ... All this granted me - in his eyes it was clear that he understood. .. I'm all burned .... Then just think about how I want it! My hand was on the desk, he touched her again, have deliberately ... He began gently touched my fingers, then got up from the chair, I also vtala ... He pulled me to him by the waist and kissed her passionately, and began unbuttoning my white blouse (as it turned out later - ripped 2 buttons), kissed her neck, stroked his chest (my nipples harden, become harder than usual), and then put me on the desk (for its strong decisive hands!), unbuttoned my jeans, began to kiss in the stomach , moved lower and lower (I have all flowed and was wet through and through). He pulled off my panties and kissed her clitoris (I'm terribly afraid that I finish ahead of time) ... Then he undid the belt on his pants ... I saw that his cock stood up .... It was very large, the whole swollen .... right burned ....

My body asked ... "Take me soon! Take it, I beg!" And he came into me! What bliss! I felt a sweet pain, and fever within themselves ... He jerky movements began to enter into me .... I felt that orgasm is not far off, began to moan ... the pace is accelerating, I could no longer and shouted, he shut my mouth hand ... I felt an incredible orgasm, tensed his whole body, he began to cum in me ... poured his sperm ..... he was still in me .... when it was over, we were exhausted .... He dressed and we began to kiss (the most interesting thing was that everything happened spontaneously, without a single spoken word with my or his party) ... we kissed for a long time ... and here is the unexpected happened ... became a teacher of English E ** ** ... we jumped apart (passion makes people forget about everything - we even did not close the door, what an oversight!) Naturally, E **** understood everything ... and declared an unexpected thing ... "And ., give the key, please, "My AL gave her the key to the audience, she went to the door and closed it, saying with a smile ..." I did not tell anyone if you take me to his company " . I was shocked, but, of course, extremely happy this turn of events. Somehow, she first came to me and kissed on the lips (imagine what was my surprise, I had never kissed a woman, not to mention the fact that having sex with her also)! She began confidently to touch my breasts, I began to lick them (I decided not to worry, closed her eyes and just lay on the desk) .... in a minute I began to flow ... My AL also wasted no time, he began to kiss me in the stomach, then began to lick my clitoris .... I was incredibly excited (imagine the scene ... a woman kisses me on the lips, licking my breasts, nipples, and at this time the sexiest man in the world suck my clit, penetrate tongue in my vagina) ..... in less than 10 minutes I izvilas whole body., experienced the most incredibly beautiful orgasm in my life ..... rested a few minutes, I got up .... looking at the E ** ** determined that came her turn to get an orgasm and it's my turn to give pleasure ... E **** too, so decided for myself ... and now she lay down on the desk ... I AL began to undress her ... He took off her sweater and bra ... began to fondle her breasts, and I (first time), took off her pants and panties, spread her legs apart and slowly began kissing her intimate place ... Then this business fascinated me and I began to lick and suck her clit, I was afraid that inability and inexperience just can not give her an orgasm, but then she began to moan and pressed my head to her pussy ... Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of that at this time AL sitting on a nearby desk, brazenly watching all the spectacle and fingering. I was even more excited ... I began intensively lick and kiss a few minutes .... E **** began to twitch and scream harder ... I realized that she had finished ... My AL still continued to masturbate .... I got off the desk, walked over to him, bent down and licked his dick (so far I have no one in my life never made blowjob), his testicles, but in his mouth, I did not take it began to finish ... some of the sperm hit my mouth ... I lay down on the desk, AL too .... Force was no longer .... So the three of us lay ten minutes. Then he got dressed, E **** kissed me on the cheek and left .... and we AL kissed and parted ....

Now, when we **** E encounter in the hallway, she mysteriously smiling (and once, I remember, even licked) ... At the same lectures AL I sit in silence, only occasionally picking at him ... I am sorry that we have no future with him, he is married with a small child ... it seems to me, have always ashamed .... somehow shyly looks at me ... but I'm sure at 100%, which if given another opportunity, he would, without thinking, to the great pleasure to participate in this trio. All of us, I think, would not mind ...

Crazy train

It happened 4 years ago. I was 17 years old, and after graduating from high school, I decided to go to Moscow. I thought I'd do somewhere ... exact purpose was not.

Well, I sat on the train early in the morning. The train was passing. My fellow travelers was quite a big company originating from the south ... I can not say. Not very much determined by the National ... There were 6 (35 to 45 years approximately) and 7 years old kid.

Travel were very friendly and greeted me kindly. After a while we talked freely, as though for a long time familiar.

my whole story began on this day. In the evening, when we all got together, so to speak, eat, well, and, of course, be noted acquaintance.

So they took two reserved seat coupe, movement between it was quite a normal thing.

We started with the boy, he later went into another compartment, and almost all the time there was ... Well, we sat down and had a drink ... And not just ...

These guys are pretty healthy and more experienced in this matter. I not only do not have a large tempering, so even a little dead was of Physical Plan.

In short, after a while I was already drunk. They drank, and something they said in their own language, laugh ... It must have been 8 hours, I just have reclining, half sitting, the brain does not think ... I remember, someone suggested that I go, and I agreed ... Tried just fall on the bed, but they did not let me ... they said that it is not necessary to knead clothes and decided like to help ...

One rastegnul belt and began to take off my pants. But along with them and took off underpants rasmeyavshis that overzealous ... I reached out to put them on, so to speak, to its rightful place. But he was hit in the chest. More precisely, just push. Since my head was in a complete misunderstanding of drinking, I just thought (what else could think), just a little stumble from drinking. In short, I fell to the back, and then ... The man who helped me take off pants, close to my face and put his hand on his chest, pinning me. And he said that I should not much twitching, and that will hurt, and was silent.

Then he lifted my legs and pressed them to me. It so happens that my bare ass hung on the edge of the couches, and the head was just between her knees, hanging pants and underpants just shut down my face. Screaming even if I tried to, it is unlikely that he could. And I could not see. I was thinking too davolno difficult, but to understand what to do with me, I still was able ...

In short, they just decided to fuck me on the train ... That is to say, drawn to the exotic.

Then everything went farther into the woods, the more wood ... Dumpty something there, one can see who are with me it started to do, I began to drive in my hole with your fingers ... Apparently, vymazanymi in oil (it was on the table). First round, then brought his finger and immediately deep ... It is unlikely that he could stop sign, still blur ... My pants a little bit away, and one eye I could see the picture.

In my ass was introduced two fingers davolno unceremoniously and deeply.

Then, holding me in this rather uncomfortable position, he pulled out his penis and has risen once introduced him to its full length. I felt like my spine took a sharp pain and felt his cock in my ass. The breath has filched ... I breathe and so could not really free, and then ... I became, quickly opening his mouth, catching the air and often-often to breathe. From each of his push I was breathing harder and, apparently, a little hoarse, and it could be heard, because the crowd (they were at that time not less than 4) whinnied. And the one who fucked me and said: "Look as breathing! Like, slut. "

Well, everything went according to Nakatani. Who started, he is finished, his cock drove me almost to the stomach. He was replaced by the second, then the next, next ... And so it went on for quite some time. I could only breathe and be silent.

Since I heard closes and opens the door, I think, in my ochke visited all. And perhaps more than once ... At least it I was full of sperm as champs at every jolt.

Then this position it seems to become boring. Mi stiff legs released. Sozdrav trousers, turned my stomach. Easy like a kitten. And it all started anew again. Only without the oil ... and so there was grease rife.

By train and knock again, in addition, a knock on my Bosko I wall can be seen asleep. I have little interested. Do what you want…

I woke up from what I was raised on the shoulder rather roughly. there was no one in the compartment. Only the man who started the first and I have a kid.

That's what I have on them could not be expected. Pivesti kid ... That is to say, look at the Man-whore ... to fuck me he could hardly. Mal yet. Although in my broken-down point can enter even a little flower, not even the leaves will pursue. So much there is, apparently, a place ...

A guy told me to lay back. I lay down. He helped the kid take off his pants and, lifting it, put it on my chest, telling me to suck him ... And that suck it? There was something a little crooked chlenchik.

The kid, apparently, is not going to stand on ceremony with me. He pulled his pipiska to his face and pulled him to me. And I took his cock and the eggs directly into his mouth and began to suck.

This I had to do about 20 minutes then Daddy and son are gone, leaving me alone.

Lie down, I decided it would not hurt to slip away, until this gang of perverts will not come. Who knows, maybe this will be a little nighttime, and they are something else will come up. Oral I did not do it. But just thought up with the boy, then for themselves will not rust.

In short, I decided to get off at the nearest station, and transfer to another train.

I tried to get up. At the bottom of all numb. But getting up, I felt the sperm ran down my legs. It was a lot. I found on the floor of his trousers and pants, pulled them quickly, grabbed the bag and looked out of the compartment. There was no one. Then I left and ran out of the compartment of the train head and decided to wait there to the nearest stop.

In short, I was washed off, getting off at the station. It was after 10 minutes I quickly went away from the station and waited there when the train departed and returned to the station, bought a ticket and went to another city.

Well, in general, this is my story and pederastic over ...

I left with a bunch of memories and tearing ass.

You're in the army now!

Mama lay on the carpet. She turned on her side, curled her legs. he whispered:

- You do not mind putting up behind me? If you're on top, I too quickly finish ... and I want a little longer.

- Do not mind, Mom, - I replied, lying down beside him and hugging her from behind.

Mom with her hand sent a member of her vagina. I just pushed and felt my mother's lips slowly diverge, letting me inside ... gently put my mother to stop. He began to move slowly, fucking her. Then slightly accelerated motion. Mom start podmahivat me. One hand I stuck my mother between her legs and began to stroke her wet pussy, feeling like going in and out of my cock. Mom her hand covered mine. Second hand I clutched my mother's right breast.

- Fuck me all you want ... - whispered my mother. - I'll try not to moan.

I kissed her.

- Faster! Deeper! - She whispered to me.

I started to fuck her sharply. He warned her:

- Mom, I can not stand long.

- Stop me, not to think. - Mom said.

Biting her lip, she was very quiet, but still moaning. I sharply and strongly drives the penis into the vagina mother. Mom shuddered from each of my thrust. I fuck my mother for another five minutes. She finished first. Feeling the mother's vagina shrinking, squeezing my cock, I, too, could not hold back, and my mother's bosom sperm watered hot fountain ...

For a while we were just hugging. Then my mother freed herself from my arms. Member slipped out of her. She took a handkerchief from her purse and wiped her running down the sperm. She sat on the bed. I sat down next to her, hugged her, kissed her. We kissed for a long time again. I stood up again. Mom noticed it.

- Wow! How quickly do you want again!

- Mom, can I ... more?

- Of course it is possible. But let's first take rest, eat.

I agreed. We never sat at the table, without dressing. Mother regaled me pies, stews and other tasty things prepared at home. After sex, I would have, but even more like once again to have sex with his mother. I did not have much.

- I gorged? - Mom said, patting me on the head.

- Yes. - I replied.

And then she sat on the floor next to me and took my cock in her mouth. Now I stroked her mother's hair while she sucked me. Gently squeezing member of the lips, tongue drove through it, slightly biting ... then caressed one head, then sank a member of his mouth at the very foundation ... it looked like it went on forever. I also wanted to make it so. I said:

- Mama...

She released the cock and turned to me:

- Yes Dear?

- Lie down on the floor, on the back.

- Good.

Mama lay on the carpet, bent her knees and spread them. I lay down on it. She thought that I want to fuck her, and handed over to a member of a rule. I moved her hips, and slid easily into my mother. I move it. Mom hugged me tightly hugged her and began podmahivat me. I kissed her without stopping to fuck. And then I came out of it.

- What are you doing? - She asked.

- Nothing. I just want to cuddle you just like you did.

I kissed my mother's nipples - first one, then another. Kissing my mother's belly, down below. I took my mother's legs, threw them wider and put them on his shoulders. Mom looked at me, smiled and put her hand under his head. I began to caress the language of her mother's pussy. Licking her lips, tongue drove around the clitoris, banged on it, insert the language as I could in my mother's hole, feeling the taste of his sperm. My mother was panting, again stroking my head and gently pressed her to him. Soon, her lips broke moan, and my mother whispered:

- Enter me! I can not take it anymore...

I lay down on her, found her hole and drove all the way to my mother. She hugged me, crossed her legs behind me. First I fucked my mother slowly and gently, then faster and sharper. Mom's vagina squelched when my movements. Mom struggled pressed me to her, whispered:

- Kiss Me! I can not moan!

Feeling like she comes, I covered her mouth with a kiss. Then I fucked my mother a few minutes - and then refilled it with his sperm.

I was still lying on my mother, and my dick was inside her when she looked at her watch and said:

- Already half past five. You've got to get ready.

- Mom, when I get home, you'll be my girlfriend?

- I will. - Mom smiled.

* * *

Open day was over, and my mother went home. I still long nights masturbate, imagining this day. Sometimes I finished several times during the night. Most of all afraid that I will be deprived of leave for any offense. But I am not deprived of vacation. Even contrast, exemplary service added for two days. And at the end of November, I went on vacation. And twelve days, full of endless incest. Mom went to the house, dressed in nothing but sandals, which she came to me in part. I fucked her in various poses in various places. I fucked my mother on the floor, on the couch, on the windowsill, on the dining table, in the bathroom, just standing near the wall and, of course, in the mother's marital bed, where once she had sex with my father. I wake up because mom sucked my cock and introduced it into itself. And if it is still asleep - I was part of it, sleeping. In the evening I went to bed with his mother and went to sleep without removing a member from her womb.

After the holiday was still a year of service. My mother came to me twice - and the day of open doors was repeated to me.

Now it's been two years since I was discharged and returned home. I am now twenty-two, and my mother - forty. I live with my mother as a wife. Our relations have become calmer, usually we have sex once a day. At the weekend - two or three times.

I found a girlfriend, largely at the urging of her mother. Mom seemed to not have a girlfriend - it's not normal for a guy my age. With girlfriend I meet for six months. She knows about my relationship with my mother - I'll tell her about it once when it start after a stormy night to say that he loved me and forgive me for anything. Sometimes I even sleep with them both in the same bed, fucking them in turn. But my mother is somehow not very much.

Probably, if our relationship will last several months, a girlfriend to be my wife. They are both trying to persuade my mother to marry me, I'm not in a hurry.

If I ever have a son, I not only will not mind that he had sex with his mother, to ask even the wife about it. And if it is a daughter, it is probably the first man she knows is her dad ..

Road Trip

Once quite drunk, I was returning home from the suburbs. whence then - a separate song. and the village full of me braked traffic cops. Money was not a penny, just a credit card. for some reason, flies constantly in lack of money. to call her husband? And I explain what I do at night on the highway for 50 km from Moscow, when just 10 minutes ago, I assured him that celebrate the anniversary of the chief accountant at the firm? The captain looked at me, and offered to go to them for nine of the minutes. When I sat down, he put his hand on my knee and started a conversation, that a clever woman can always negotiate. I thought a little bit - and asked how they are put there seats. the problem was only one - it was winter, I was wearing pantyhose. so would be in the summer, it was easier. and so I had to remove his boots. Only coat unbuttoned, not rented, opened, skirt still, thinking, removed, placed on the dashboard, and then pomnetsya, then explains, again. stockings and panties pulled with only one leg left hanging on the other, then to the entire machine in the darkness does not collect ... does not seem to find shorts and declared to her husband without ...

Leaned back, umostilas comfortably, "divorced", waiting. my captain by the time his took off his jacket, unbuttoned, let himself go and crawled to me, between my legs get a job. Navis with her "at the ready", I caught his hand and pulled, sent. The captain moved his earned. It was generally good. but not for long. he came to me on lobochek and fell off.

- Well, all, officer? Available? - That means free? Well ... you're hurrying grown up girl and a grown-up we've got two. Catch share as brothers, so that you're gone. sit, Wait'll call him. - He dressed, buttoned and out of the car.

- Come on, Sergei, the lady is not good to keep waiting. Serge climbed into the car. He fucked me longer, but not too much. and before he had to suck. tired a little seen, waving a magic stick to the road. When he had finished, in the same way again, I wiped a handkerchief and threw it out the window. He dressed, brought himself up and left, taking the rights of my hospitable "road guards." all this I was somewhat excited, and having passed ten or fifteen minutes, I could not stand it, sehala the road and, all in fantasy, his teeth, he dolaskala himself and quickly quietly and dreamily finished, finally, his teeth.

It should be noted

It should be noted an interesting pattern ... since. I realized their care to women SAU, accidental contemplation itself began to find my own. Once I found a tipsy girl right in their backyard at home, at my snow-covered cars. At other times enthusiastically collected mushrooms and stood just a meter away, he heard a delicate "ahem .." avtolyubitelnitsy, crouching in the deep woods, 10m from the edge of the road on which the car something happens once a year. In many cases of contact with the eyes "outpouring" of various homeless people, alcoholics and other unsympathetic personalities of attention, of course, I try not to pay at all.

A couple of times tried to look at it in the performance of familiar women, offering them not to hide, but realized that it was not mine. It brings a friendly, making light piquancy, not more. I leave in the memory of the facts is a random observation. Probably voyeurism ...

But one of the observations, cultivated in the memory to the smallest detail, and have not lost to me paint years later, stands out among the others.

At one time, my job was associated with daily hiking trips. It was a tradition to drink a bottle or two of beer at the end of the day, before the final immersion in the hot belly of the metro. So in this warm evening, I stood at the granite parapet of one of the tracks, the rays converged to the entrance to the subway. Branches and foliage of the hedge in front of my place, formed as it were a window, allows me to add to the pleasure of beer pleasure of seeing three young girls, 19-20 years, owners very nice asses. They pushed a break bushes hedge bounding the adjacent, wider track, lively chirping and also drank beer.

I opened the second bottle. The track on which I stood at his table, the parapet was a little lower, and now all three were in the ass stunning perspective - a girl sitting on a low metal fence, passing through the bushes. Two of the pairs of young buns masterpieces of nature were covered jeans and a light summer trousers, and the third - the one that in the middle - is covered with short pleated skirt.

To her my attention was more - she talked active and cheerful laugh. Although, most of all, I said it because she was constantly getting up, sitting down, getting up again, he showed in all its glory its slender, rounded girlish hips.

Soon I realized that the amount of her gestures and poses ... unequivocal rising, it is denser crossing the legs, put your thumbs in his belt, he sat down, trying to hold his hand between her thighs and shove between the front edge of yubchonki. Well, clearly, it was time to "escape".

He finished his second bottle, I decided that I shall be going to leave when she is removed from her friends, or they will leave with his "roost". I am sure, not long to wait. Talking girls became silent, they bowed to one another, suddenly burst out laughing. Otsmeyavshis and whispered again, actively zaoglyadyvalis around. "My" average, in a skirt, again fidgeted on the fence, settling comfortably - sat deeper, bending his whole body forward. The edge of the rear skirts rose higher, and I looked carefully, unwittingly, in the hope of seeing a piece of what is beneath it. However, the edge still closed trusted treasure from my eyes. "Quite unbearable" - I thought - "Who will go to a public garden, but I have to go home ...". Habits "hunt" specifically do not have.

The girls, meanwhile, lit up for another cigarette and began to look at the passers-by, often puffing and shaking off the ashes. Nursing, like, not going. "My" remained in the same position and I looked again at the edge of the beckoning yubchonki, when, for a moment, noticed the thin trickle out from under him.

I could not believe my eyes! Vision deteriorated quickly, and a few drops that fell after that proved to me that I was not mistaken. "Average" quickly straightened up, he fumbled again and looked around. She looked straight at me, but did not see through the bushes.

What was it? I could not understand. Maybe she lost control and "pisnula"? Or is it somehow spilled beer? But the beer was on the ground in front of the fence ...

Three girlfriends turned to each other and prysnuv laughter again turned away. "My" average calmly dragged, puffed up, and not throwing cigarette again took both hands on the fence. A moment later, when she looked off into the sky, I again noticed a trickle from under it. Blood thumped loudly in my ears, I'm all pervratilsya telescope. The trickle became thicker, but it was not fast, flat female trickle. Transparent liquid water formed a couple of small streams, quickly merged into one broad, like glass, flow silently disappear in the grass.

No doubt remained - I witnessed the girl Ssali right through their tights or perhaps panties. In the meter from the girls were people hurried to the subway, riding the machine, boiled ordinary life, but I felt like in those moments I was isolated from the life with these three. We are four linked, not even a thread, and a thick rope, did not give me a single moment to look away, tied to a single point.

After a few seconds before I suddenly clearly came a loud murmur, apparently its flow hole punched himself in the grass. She then quickly moved a little to one side, the sound was gone. A couple of seconds later, she had to change the position again. Then the trickle became a weak and rare scattered rain drops.

At that moment I longed to look at her face, but all three looked in different directions, turning to me his head, hastily puffing and shaking off the ashes of a non-existent.

My eye has noted individual droplets. "Average" sweet stretched, raising his arms, took his bottle and, as if nothing had happened, took a long drink. Again prysnuv laughed.

I like fucking bag, I beat the bushes, turned onto the track, as if walking, went before them, but the approach did not dare, went home to masturbate ...

This profit

Small session phytotherapy

I have flowers in general, it's not that I do not like, just indifferent attitude. A must in principle not to love. As a child, his grandmother got it when the ball is in the front garden blew one time was a pioneer, he sat down on a bouquet of roses. We have advanced production congratulations, bouquets of older Pioneer received, and were waiting in the wings, while the meeting was on. We had to wait a long time, I sat down on the chair - and Verka Kishchenko roses laid on him. So I tore the whole ass and roses though henna. Pioneer leader and said - would have got you, Gennady, tulips, here would you, Gennady and an end. And when married - my wife was a teacher of elementary grades - and at all the flowers would lose respect. She bouquets of at least 3 times a year so gave - there was nowhere to put. September 1st, birthday, and on the 8th of March. First I was happy, but after 2 years grumbling began. For the same money, he said it would be better dryer for shoes bought. So, I had no reason to love the flowers, but I loved my grandmother. A dead woman, respectively, at one time loved flowers. The old woman was right, then and in colors such was something. So I myself thought. Although not frequently, 3 times a year, I have already said.

Perhaps a very brief about yourself to say you need to make it clear. After our KB collapsed, I place my business almost immediately found - to become a lead blyamby seals do. What it is easier - and will laugh when you know how much these blyamb in Moscow alone need. Well, gone - gone, I began to sell more locks and other hardware, the shop opened, the second, small wholesale base - on and calmed down. Abramovich is not, of course, but not Khodorkovsky, enough to live. So dryers problem was solved long ago, and not only this one. His wife, by the way, has been training with me and worked as an accountant. Grasp her bulldog appeared, unscrupulous contractors smelled a mile away, and the descent in which case it did not give. By the way, not only the contractors - even my wife felt instinctively employees that I like might, and eliminate them ruthlessly. Note - could only! Whenever I think a couple of times, that this, that, on request, nothing like - and a week in the warehouse have worked hard so jauntily otstavnichok. Again, I note, as soon as I think of. Until the practice is not reached. So we worked among men, and from women - such cuttlefish that is not God forbid. It was, however, one exception. The office is responsible for everything, Tamara. it accounted for Wife cousin, or something like that, a niece, and even taller than I was half a head. In the eyes of his wife Tamara is completely excluded from the list of suspects, in addition Tamara worked quietly, and the order in the office kept immaculate. Incoming - Outgoing there Photocopying always filled with happy birthday to congratulate somebody should - always remind, well, then that's like. Indispensable, in short, people.

Actually, about her and talk. And about the colors, of course. Tamara I myself called sparrow. 2 times a week to call - on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when the wife went to the bar, she had at the time sensitivity dulled my thoughts. And so, in one of Thursday, I'm going home in the evening. And a sparrow going. And then I suddenly emboldened, no wonder they say - gray hair in his head, a lusty. No beard, by the way, I have never been there. Come on, say, Tamara, I'll drop you. But to get to her home did not close half an hour, perhaps. She hesitated a little bit. But I agreed. Thank you, says Gennady. On the way I stopped and bought Coy - which, in the package hidden. We arrived. And not to drink if we, say, Tamarochka, some coffee? It was quite at the time incurred. She for some reason, looked at his watch, sighed, and invited to her. So that's a sparrow in the kitchen coffee brews, and I pull out of the bag, I bought. And I bought 3 roses - small Riga roses, burgundy and are very accurate. And then she comes in with a tray. - This is for you, Tamarochka - say - and hand rose. She put the tray, took a rose, and again for some reason sighed. It brought from the kitchen-liter jar with water and roses placed there. We sit, drink coffee - almost family. I decided to make a joke, and I quote:

Stood up with cream cushions,

Do not miss to,

Flung, brother, chrysanthemum her

Beauty - Ethiopia.

Sparrow looks - so puzzled. I was substitute in the third line of the notice? - It Galich, saying Tamarochka. She already broke all. It does, says, not "Galich" I do not keep house surrogates, is a natural "Arabica". And excuse me, for God's sake, Gennady, but do not you go home? Well, I think that takes care of a sparrow, wants to travel home, I had a wife. - Nothing, I say, I still have one and a half hours. - And me, she said no. To me now to come should, Gennady, and I would not want you here caught. - Who, I ask, will come? (Idiot! Idiot !!! What is my damn business, who will ?!) Tamara broke out again, although the past has not yet been moved. - It does not matter, said it and you do not know about. You said an elderly man, must understand - I am a young, healthy woman: Well, this thing - asked to leave, so you need to leave. I gathered together quickly, said goodbye, and on the way out. Already pulled away from the house, I look in the mirror - the entrance roller fits our commodity expert, recently working. Indeed, I did not know about, we are mainly engaged in personnel wife, I have already said. I went. Yes, I think - was unequivocal Offer - Shove, Gennady, your flowers yourself in the ass. And right would, gladiolus, and then - rose. With roses - this, of course, brute force. Anyway, the old fool is science. A little family did not give up, where to go to hell. Also I thought up - young girls give flowers. Dryer for shoes would be better presented.

My intimate life

Hi, my name is Anja. I have long hesitated to publish his story here. Firstly, I am ashamed to say that we (me and my mom Lena) did. Second, I do not want to make such intimate things to the people. But reading stories on the "chair" the site, I realized that people like me a lot. And I decided to share what happened to me. Especially since I just needed someone to talk to.

I lived since birth in the city of Tver. The one-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor. The exact addresses can not call, you know why. Together with her mother, and even the cat Murka. The mother gave birth to me in 18 years. Father, I have not even seen. He died in a car accident before I was born, so my mother said. Maybe it was. I have with my mother always had a great relationship. Although she and strong woman, but I love her. She's very beautiful. Figurine - just shine, of course, do not know how to score 90-60-90, but I believe that it is not worse than that of any of Claudia Schiffer. I probably went into it just me lower and a little thin. We're both blonde. As long as I can remember my mother when there was not a man. It can certainly were on the side, but the home she did never bait.

And so, it all started when I was fifteen more years. By this time I had almost been formed. The figure has become like a big girl. I'm just dying for joy, because in the end I grew up. I spent hours standing naked in front of the mirror and stared at her breasts, hips, shapely legs. Pussy hair started to grow in my twelve years, so now it was all covered with black hairs. I considered myself very attractive, and I'm not alone. Almost all of the guys in the class offered to meet me, but I felt that it is too early (probably because I brought my mother). Yes, I have none, and did not like, I was not even interesting to talk with the boys. Around this age, I began to experience a strange sensation just below the stomach.

It was a sunny spring Saturday morning. The sun lit up the whole room. I no longer wanted to sleep, and wake up too. I always slept in a nightie, my mother would not let me sleep naked. Why i do not know. Murka was lying at my feet. After lying about ten minutes, I still decided to get up. Murka also opened her eyes, meowed and ran to the kitchen.

- As always wants to eat - I thought aloud, and went into the kitchen, too.

On the dining table was a note: ". Lunch at the plate, feed Murka I went to the Light I will tonight.". I strongly do not upset it because I loved to be at home alone. Pour Kitiket Murka, I went into the bathroom (coincident with toilet). Washed, start brushing your teeth, and suddenly realized that very much want pisit. I immediately pulled up her nightgown and sat on the toilet. Because I poured a stream. I was so happy that I closed my eyes. I have something ached at the bottom. Only now I realize that I was very excited! I guess I looked funny on the toilet with a toothbrush in his mouth. I graduated pisit, tore off a bit of toilet paper and began to wipe her wet CIMS - so I call her affectionately. When I held the paper on my lips I felt such a pleasure that can not be compared with nothing.

I stood up from the toilet removed her nightgown and sat on his haunches in the bathroom, because it was necessary to undercut my pussy. Turned on the watering can to blow between her legs, I began to shake, wave of pleasure born in my pisichke and went all over the body, nipples grew and I whimpered softly. Putting aside the watering can, I began to fondle her breasts, nipples, and then the hands themselves were pulled down and began awkwardly massaging my pussy lips. I almost fainted with pleasure. Popa itself began to move in time with the movement of the hands. I kept the pace increased. Suddenly, as if the discharge has passed through my body, I could not resist squatting and fell on his back in the bath, my butt was rising up and the hands continued to finger pussy. Such a buzz I could never have experienced! After a minute I just lay in the bath and thought about what had just happened. I do not know whether it is good that I have done or not right now. So I experienced her first orgasm. Mom, I did not say anything.

After this incident, I began to frequent massaging her pussy. Waking up in the morning, I climb a hand under his nightgown and stroked between her legs. If the mother was at home, I quietly put your finger between my pussy lips and slowly moved up and down. Well, when my mother was not, I undressed, I took some cream, becoming the mirror plastered CIMS and rubbed until not begin to moan and shake with orgasm sliding to the floor.

A month passed. During this time, I read a lot of literature about sex, and learned a lot. Now I knew what masturbation, clitoris, vagina, and a lot of interesting things. I started shaving her pussy, I liked when she was bald, I'm excited. My mother did not know about it.

One day I returned home from school, it was hot. I was in a beacon and a skirt. I bought a Pepsi. After finishing, I felt that I wanted to pee, not betraying any special significance, I went on. The house was still about 20 minutes walk. Going into his entrance, I realized that much like the toilet. Pressing the elevator button. Elevator did not budge.

- As always broke - I thought - how wrong time!

We'll have to go on foot. But easier said than done. Climbing up to the third floor, I realized that I no longer endure. The bladder was ill and the pressure on the pussy was unbearable. I put her hands under her skirt and began to squeeze her pussy. So I went up to the fourth. And I stopped. A thin trickle of escaped from the pussy and soaked panties. More endure, I was not able to. Picking up her skirt and panties sliding to the side, I ran to the span between the fourth and fifth floor of the garbage disposal. I was running and warm urine flowed down my legs, I could not believe that I have described. Tears flowed from his eyes. He ran for the garbage chute, I sat down and relaxed. Urine escaped from me gurgling stream. I felt her scent and delight. I began to masturbate with your fingers. From pussy pouring jet and I rubbed her clit. All hands were in the urine, but I like it. I could see anyone, but I enjoyed it. Podomnoy a huge pool. The urine flowed down the stairs. I forced a last trickle. And then I heard footsteps on the ground floor. Someone had climbed to the top. From such excitement orgasm swept over me and I moaned softly and sat in a puddle of his own. Panties and skirt were soaking wet. I could barely stand up, because I was shaking all over. I'm still coming! Steps have already heard from the third floor. After collecting all the power I ran to him in the sixth, it was hard to escape dizzy, shoes squelched in urine, skirt stuck to the pope, and wet panties Turley of CIMS. Running up to the sixth, I listened. Someone is still up top. I opened the door with the key and ran into the apartment. Closing the door quietly, not Razuvious I ran into the bathroom, turning the spirit I started to pull her skirt, then pants. Suddenly I heard someone open the front door. Then I realized whose it was footsteps on the stairs, it's mom was home for dinner. Closing latch on the bathroom door, I turned on the water, pulled off his shirt and bra. He gave up all the clothes in the washing machine.

- Annie where are you? - My mother asked when she came into the apartment.

- I bathe - I said, continuing to rub her legs, hips and pussy washcloth.

- You have budish? - My mother asked in a gentle voice - warm up on you?

- Yes, just a little bit I'm not really hungry.

I realized that my mother did not suspect anything, in my soul I feel better. I can not even imagine that it would be if my mother saw I Ssali moaning and rubbing her pussy finger. Thank God nothing happened. Although part of me still wanted to be that mom still saw me in the doorway. And it scared me. I was clear that I was excited when long endure and after doing a wee, but it turned out that mess oneself more pleasant. I am also excited that that I could see someone naked, undisguised see hairs ssuschuyu pussy. From these thoughts, I started up again, but the couple had to go.

Vytershis dry with a towel, comb your hair, I wore a robe over his naked body and walked out of the bathroom. Going into the kitchen, I saw that the dinner is already on the table.

- My daughter go there! - Called mother - but it will cool down!

- Now, I just get dressed

- Eat and then will dress.

I sat down at the table. Lunch was okorokcha with spaghetti.

- Mom how are you doing at work?

- It's okay, as always promises to add salary. - Mom said sarcastically - as you like in school?

- Too fine, I received today, five on the Russian for dictation.

- Well done. And you came a long time?

- Yes, probably already an hour at home.

- By the way, we again broke elevator!

- He's tired - I told wary.

- Yes, and someone else pissed floor entrance, probably some drunk!

- Yes, probably - I finally felt better in my soul as well Mom did not notice anything.

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